God's New Bible

The Book of Tobit (Tobias)

World English Bible Catholic 2020

- Chapter 11 -

Tobias anoints his father’s eyes with the fish’s gall, and he recovers his sight.

After these things Tobias also went his way, blessing God because he had prospered his journey; and he blessed Raguel and Edna his wife. Then he went on his way until they drew near to Nineveh.
Raphael said to Tobias, “Don’t you know, brother, how you left your father?
Let’s run forward before your wife, and prepare the house.
But take in your hand the bile of the fish.” So they went their way, and the dog went after them.
Anna sat looking around toward the path for her son.
She saw him coming, and said to his father, “Behold, your son is coming with the man that went with him!”
Raphael said, “I know, Tobias, that your father will open his eyes.
Therefore anoint his eyes with the bile, and being pricked with it, he will rub, and will make the white films fall away. Then he will see you.”
Anna ran to him, and fell upon the neck of her son, and said to him, “I have seen you, my child! I am ready to die.” They both wept.
Tobit went toward the door and stumbled; but his son ran to him,
and took hold of his father. He rubbed the bile on his father’s eyes, saying, “Cheer up, my father.”
When his eyes began to hurt, he rubbed them.
Then the white films peeled away from the corners of his eyes; and he saw his son, and fell upon his neck.
He wept, and said, “Blessed are you, O God, and blessed is your name forever! Blessed are all your holy angels!
For you scourged, and had mercy on me. Behold, I see my son Tobias.” And his son went in rejoicing, and told his father the great things that had happened to him in Media.
Tobit went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gate of Nineveh, rejoicing and blessing God. Those who saw him go marveled, because he had received his sight.
Tobit gave thanks before them, because God had shown mercy on him. When Tobit came near to Sarah his daughter-in-law, he blessed her, saying, “Welcome, daughter! Blessed is God who has brought you to us, and blessed are your father and your mother.” And there was joy among all his kindred who were at Nineveh.
Achiacharus and Nasbas his brother’s son came. Tobias’ wedding feast was kept seven days with great gladness.