Crusade Prayer 58
Crusade of Conversion Prayer

(Calls for fasting)

O dear Jesus, I call on You to embrace all God’s children and cover them with Your Precious Blood. Let each drop of Your Blood cover every soul to shield them from the evil one.

Open the hearts of all, especially hardened souls and those who know You - but who are stained with the sin of pride - to fall down and beg for the Light of Your Love to flood their souls.

Open their eyes to see the Truth so that the dawn of Your Divine Mercy will shower down upon them - so they are covered with the Rays of Your Mercy.

Convert all souls, through the Graces I ask you for now, dear Jesus,

(Personal intention here.)

I beg You for Mercy and offer You this gift of fasting for one day every week (for this month of June), in atonement for all sins.