- Chapter 2 -
True Thinking / The true Heart's Thinking / The Voice of the Conscience

I THE LORD perfectly know that you, O men of this Earth, who were once dwelling in My Heavens before turning wantonly from ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, are now in your heavy earthly flesh solely yourselves to blame for being very slow and unskilful in true thinking, especially whenever you shall reflect upon the meaning of true Spiritual Life, which you even once quitted! Now, your dullness is but the result of your formerly free spirit finding himself squeezed into the straight waistcoat of fallen potencies which you call matter, wherefore it gets rightaway lost in the impenetrable thicket of your greatly diminished spirituality, which generally will resort to some mental acrobatics of "ifs" and "buts", yet can never offer a sensible conclusion.
Thus you, O men, have forgotten what true thinking is like, as it evolves in My Heavens. True thinking is to issue from the spiritual centre of your self, the heart, and not in the first place from the memory and transformer, the brain.
Hence the thinking process should not originate in the brain, but in the heart; the correct process instantly and directly links you up with ME, YOUR CREATOR, WHO - as you know - have taken hold of you in the tiny particle of HERITAGE of MY PERFECT SELF for your salvation. As soon as this true heartfelt-thinking has become pre-eminent in an earthly child, I THE LORD begin more and more to flow into its soul and can guide it to perfection by MY HOLY WILL. Indeed, MY OWN THINKING - THE THINKING OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR - will gradually account for the thought process of pure thinking in the soul's mind; the latter will thus progressively be released from the self-induced snares that had resulted from the previous wrong schemes of thought, the so-called webs of fate will begin to disentangle, personal weaknesses will powerfully be overcome and the way will be opened up that leads straight upward to MY FATHERLY HEART.
If your renowned experts in anatomy, heart and brain specialists, were able to figure out correctly the structure and functions of heart and brain, since long ought they to have been led to recognize this most patent and most holy truth which I THE LORD have now revealed to you.
The true heart-thinking can be best stimulated through glowing Love to ME, since LOVING ME, according to the chief commandment: "Love GOD above all and your neighbour as yourself!", tears away the soul not only from the old jog trot, but it loosens and freshens the soul most unexpectedly, awarding it gradually with treasures of My Heavens.
Strive therefore to learn and practice such heart-thinking, for which I THE LORD give you the most wonderful advice through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE! And when you will have learnt a little how to go about it, it will dawn upon you, as it were, why I THE LORD had to come again in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, be it only for the sake of putting you into the right way of thinking.
For true and correct thinking out of LOVE - out of the HOLY SPIRIT - is as indispensable for the salvation of the fallen world as light is for the thriving of every creature!
Gradual maturing of a human soul can best be achieved if the right key is moved to accede to the most wonderful functional systems which I your GOD AND CREATOR have set up inside you to enable you to think correctly, to communicate with ME inside your heart, and to provide for a continual interplay between heart and brain. As long as the maturing process has not yet started, the soul, withering under a blanket of lukewarmness and sloth, and trammelled in by its superficial daily routine, stays irresponsive to whatever teaching of GOD and from the Heavens. This is the main reason why evil will get the better of good, why MY HOLY VOICE is always preaching to deliberately shut ears and why - as in this chapter - obedience is not immediately apprised as LOVE ABOVE ALL LOVE, indispensable for the salvation of the whole human race.
So must I THE LORD, once again with unflagging patience and gentleness add for you quite an explanation through MY ROCK OF FAITH of the HOLY WORDS by MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, in order that these GRACEFUL WORDS OF MY LOVE be not said in vain and that eventually MY HOLY LIGHT may dawn upon you, children of this Earth!
MY HOLY WORDS can truly reach you only in your heart and only from your heart can they issue to become a live and fruitful deed. If you try to grasp them with your mind you will be led astray into the blind alleys of MY LOVE AND WISDOM'S Counterpole and you will argue about them only to your own prejudice.
The best example therefor are the two holy words which condition true spiritual progress of all life:


For if you think in terms of worldly love, you have made a step in the wrong direction, namely you have stepped into real hell. The same is true as regards the concept of obedience: applied to the world, you are at once confronted with the most frightful despotism and violence which day after day put thousands of men of this Earth into slavery and bondage and spell countless sorts of untold suffering.
What the LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH purports has by now sufficiently been revealed to you, so that you might engage in true love rightaway without reservation. On the other hand, if I THE LORD wanted to show you all the works of MY ETERNAL LOVE in MY INFINITE CREATION, I THE LORD say, that a thousand earthly lives would not be enough for your soul to exhaust them all; and there is not any device produced by your inventive minds which could record them all; yet one of those wonderful works of Mine is enabled thereto indeed, and I YOUR CREATOR have even put it inside you! It is your heart: YOUR SANCTUARY of Mine - in which I am MYSELF as GLOWING SPARK OF MY PERFECTION, which you men are unwilling to recognize as such despite My often urging you from there to do no evil! Superficial, you disregard this VOICE OF CONSCIENCE, not even asking yourself whether I GOD THE LORD, might not be HE WHO knocks inside you warningly, to prevent you from doing wrong.
There you see again how wrong is your thinking when the brain alone is involved! Even those who ought to know and to whom I already referred, do not want to, and they consider MY SANCTUARY inside you, i.e. your heart, to be nothing but a functional organ for the blood circulation of your body. O shortsighted and nonetheless haughty people, impervious to THE LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!
We shall revert to this inner SANCTUARY issue later-on and first thoroughly dispose of the present chapter introduced by MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE. At a first sight, this introduction looks a bit short, and yet from the perfect depth of My Holiness it conveys all that is needed to enable every human soul to discover a wholly new world, THE WORLD OF PERFECT LOVE. To this end it is necessary to make clear to you what I understand by obedience, although it would be so simple for you to find out by yourself if only your soul were filled with the right love for ME!
Now realize, My earthly children, that whatever you do, whether you are, very intelligent or not, whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist, for your mere natural existence and welfare you cannot but abide by MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ORDER and whatever you undertake cannot bypass this Order, whether you are aware of it or not!
No human soul can elude this, namely that it has to obey for the essentials to THE HOLY SPIRIT OF MY ORDER AND WISDOM!
Whoever refuses to admit this fact, let him answer MY QUESTION: Can you live without sleep? Look, you cannot say "yes"! If you try to object, you will soon find that it is but a most foolish obstination, for nobody can answer this question in the affirmative! Every creature without exception has, for sheer subsistence, to abide by this basic order, according to which a rest is needed after the exhaustion of body, soul and spirit. Nobody can change this fundamental law of order, nor avoid it be it even temporarily; if he tries to, he will soon be at the end of his revolt for lack of physical strength and will have to submit to MY ORDER.
Yet now ponder a little in your heart over all the wonderful things which I THE CREATOR, had to stage so as to create day and night for you, ungrateful men! And you do not think a minute, when you look up to the sun, the moon and the stars, to pour forth your love for ME, THE GIVER OF ALL GIFTS, to the extent I THE LORD do it incessantly for you.
This happens to all MY WORKS OF LOVE without which you could not prosper or act. Instead of overwhelming ME with your love therefor, you arrogantly assume the right to break away at will from the miracles of life and rather accept the setbacks caused by your reckless action. This you have done, O men, from generation to generation, wanting out of selfish shortsightedness to get more for your limited earthly existence than has been foreseen by MY PERFECT HOLY WILL!
Indeed you want to inconsiderately lay hands on everything wherewith I THE LORD have blessed your Earth for your spiritual ascent, all MY GIFTS OF GRACE in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms - the more, the better - without thinking in the least of enriching your soul with MY LOVE which is at your disposal inexhaustible and free!
Thus, you also want to get under your wanton control even the procreative process to only gratify your lust, without thinking of the implied high and holy creative commitment and without thinking of your brethren and sisters on Earth as in Heaven.
For your nearest brethren and sisters not only walk here below in human garment, but live in still greater numbers in most various spheres of maturation between Heaven and Earth and in Heaven itself, waiting for an opportunity to be incarnated on Earth for a new life of probation, so as to be released from the Law of Sin and Atonement, and be able to pursue their spiritual ascent. They are your brethren and sisters since your fall from MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, to whom you are linked according to your guilt accumulated in previous lives.
Instead of meditating in your heart on what I granted to you here in this earthly life, namely a life of redemption from all your guilt, shortcomings and weaknesses, and - with the merciful procreating capacity - even the privilege of co-redemption of all your related souls down to the final deliverance from your eternal debt towards all creatures, through your discretionary acts, you want to push your case even beyond the initial guilt of your first fall from MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
Verily, I THE LORD say to all of you: stop falling even deeper into sinfulness! Stop wanting to interfere with the holy growth process of My Creation, lest you have the cup spill over with your guilt and force ME despite all MY LOVE for you to proceed to the judgment as at the time of the Great Flood!
Thus you can already see from those few examples how quickly your thought goes astray to your prejudice when you act on the strength of your brain-waves alone by ignoring ME THE LORD, and not taking advice from ME within your heart.
If I THE LORD were to let you decide as freely in the field of your basic life necessities as you wish, instead of fastening the basic and main functions of your body to the PERFECTION OF MY HOLY WILL, I THE LORD firmly say that not even a year would elapse before the human race were extinct!
Thus you ought to realize little by little that in the main fields of life you cannot but obey MY PERFECT WILL, for your wisdom cannot compare with Mine and such wonders of life which incessantly are taking place in your body and which are essential to your life could never be of your making.
It should therefore dawn upon you by now, My earthly children, that you owe ME, THE CREATOR obedience, be it only for your own sake! And if you gradually become aware of it, you ought to begin also soon to love ME above everything, while grasping fully that


Yet the perfection of MY LOVE to you is evident from the mere fact that I do not impose obedience on you, that I even refrain from punishing your disobedience, and just only allow that you are bound to make amends for every fault, all your wrongdoings, by letting function automatically an unwritten law, the Law of Sin and Atonement, for your own preservation!
Moreover I THE LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE, stretch out to you MY HOLY ARM, this time even through MY RETURN ON EARTH IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, to altogether release you from this merciful Law of Sin and Atonement! Indeed, out of MY LOVE AND MERCY I even take more than 99 steps in your direction so that you need but take not even a full step in My direction - grasp this!