- Chapter 5 -
THE HOLY TRINITY / The Order of GOD'S Holy Seven Ur-Qualities and of the assigned Seven Ur-Spirits

T here are two holy cardinal numbers which govern everything in the ETERNAL ORDER OF MY CREATION: the "three" and the "seven".
If anything is to assume form and life, these holy ordinal and cardinal numbers must become inherent in whatever is going to step forth as form and life. The "3" is primarily and eternally inherent, as it were, in MY HOLY TRINITY; the "7" is forever anchored in MY HOLY UR-QUALITIES and must likewise eternally be anchored in whatever endeavours to become like ME, namely an IMAGE OF MYSELF.
Whoever he be, either a Spirit of My purely spiritual heavenly spheres or a soul in an earthly human garment with a spark of MY HOLY SPIRIT, he deliberately will put himself in a state of separation from ME, GOD, THE ETERNAL CREATOR, if he pays no heed to what has been said, and above all if he thinks fit to go entirely his own ways, while superbly ignoring MY ETERNAL FUNDAMENTAL ORDER. Bear this in mind, you young people of this Earth, who in the rash blindness of your mock ideals rush along without paying heed to MY ORDER, whereby you fall a prey to the chaos of hell, often together with many of your fellows.
Nor were I THE LORD GOD or the HOLY TRINITY or would anything live and subsist, if I were not by MYSELF eternally this HOLY ORDER; nor would MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH either exist or be brought down onto Earth at this time, if the HOLY PRINCIPLE OF MY ORDER was not an absolute reality through MY RETURN IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, together with the ROCK OF MY ENDLESS SPHERE OF ACTIVITY, and MY HOLY VOICE through MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA and MY ETERNAL ROCK PETRUS would not indefatigably instruct all My earthly children in MY HOLY SEVEN UR-QUALITIES, especially here through this NEW BIBLE.
It was essential in MY SPIRITUAL UR-CREATION to assign to MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA in addition to the two UR-SPIRITS already mentioned to comply with the principle of MY TRINITY, further seven UR-SPIRITS endowed with the same qualities as MY SEVEN HOLY UR-QUALITIES which are and will forever remain:


Put the more familiar concept of "UR-ARCHANGELS" in the place of these seven UR-SPIRITS and the supernal mystery about them will begin to lift.
All further development of MY CREATION was then to be determined by the free decision under the HOLY FREE VOLITION of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA; for; as already indicated; in her persistent self-contemplation, she fell for her own power and splendour which she took for her own almightiness, refusing to accept ME, THE ETERNAL CREATOR, as THE FATHER OF ALL THAT IS: Her egotism, her self-love, came to pervade so strongly the trinity sphere which I bestowed on her that even the two UR-SPIRITS which I assigned to her fell a prey to this most dangerous love and were lost for the WAY OF PERFECTION IN MY CREATION; yet this was not all.
As MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA and her two adjoined UR-SPIRITS - forming a new TRINITY FOR MY PERFECT CREATION - were bestowed the capacity of perpetual UR-CREATION so as to fill the infinity of My Creation in never-ending splendour with all works of ETERNAL LOVE, an infinite sphere of self-glorifying self-love was henceforth developing.
What was possible to ME, GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE AND ALL PERFECTION, in MY works of everlasting love, had now become equally possible to MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA as works of endless self-love: for she had been given the power for everlasting works of creation out of ME, THE ETERNAL, the power which she used, however, along the lines of self-love, thereby gradually building up in the face of ME a Counterpole-sphere which eventually turned out to be a counter-pole world.
Yet I THE LORD did not at all sit idly watching this creative process develop; far from it!
THE UR-SPIRITS OF MY SEVEN UK-QUALITIES had meanwhile recognized themselves, by their own free volition, as CHILDREN OF ETERNAL LOVE, and decided therefore to serve THE ETERNAL LOVE in all perfection and to follow THE FATHER WHO was granting them all might, power, and splendour.
Since MY SEVEN UR-QUALITIES are the FOUNDATION OF ETERNAL LIFE, nothing can permanently subsist beside MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE that has chosen to quit the ways of MY PERFECTION; it can subsist only as long as MY LOVE, PATIENCE AND MERCY with MY GRACE, an additional gift of MY LOVE, will allow it. And I THE LORD shall always allow everything to subsist until such time as it will need to come back again to ME, wherefor MY LOVE will relinquish everything, even if a supreme sacrifice may be required.