- Chapter 5 -
Purification of Heavens

N ow, the SPHERE OF PERFECTION OF MY HOLY TRINITY, or MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE - i.e. MY HEAVENS - was not separated from the trinity sphere of My first-created Spirit Satana who had meanwhile become My Counterpole. Thus, the spirits of the two trinity spheres were working side by side and among each other; true love and self-love met one another, this situation in My Heavens turning out to be a test for all spirits issued from true, perfect love.
In order to get the better of My sphere and break the POWER OF MY PERFECT ETERNAL LOVE annexing it to her own sphere of self-love, My first-created Spirit Satana mustered a sort of troopers of it self-willed love-spirit all for self-glorification and sought to win the whole of Heaven with all the means offered by the power and capabilities which I THE CREATOR had bestowed on her and his trinity sphere.
In contrast to this stood the host of spirits from the spheres of MY TRINITY and of MY SEVEN UR-SPIRITS: all were children of MY PERFECTION and had the HOLY WILL to follow ME, THE CREATOR and FATHER OF ALL THINGS, in perfect love.
This "confrontation" of true, perfect love with self-love is not to be understood as a clash of visible fronts opposing each other in a fighting array. This contrast transpired from all acts of volition translating qualities of MY PERFECT LOVE and those of Counterpole-love. In My Heavens these effects were not so marked as they are today upon your Earth; they took tentatively shape spiritually in a way you have no idea of on this Earth; for they were purely spiritual quality markers. One could roughly compare them to a human being on your Earth who has high mental faculties at his command and who can show amazing results, but who shows little, if any, true cordial love feeling, and instead an aberration of pure love, which is vainglorious self-love in self-conceited haughtiness: being sure to tower high above all others.
True, pure LOVE vibrating in deepest humility, while being sure to be good at nothing and for nothing without GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE, cannot and will never soar up to self-glorification; and since it would never try to grapple with self-love, but rather deliver it from its wrong bent of heart and bring it back to genuine Love, it will often find itself in an apparent disadvantage in front of Counterpole self-love.
Now, the POWER OF TRUE LOVE rests upon the perennial ORDER OF THE DIVINE SEVEN UR-QUALITIES in the HOLY TRINITY which will manifest itself only when there is the risk of a possible decline detrimental to all the children of My Creation. This is the moment when I, THE LORD OF CREATION, will interfere.
Consequently, I THE LORD interfered once in My Heavens only when the Counterpole-sphere of MY first-created Spirit SATANA had grown so powerful within My Creation, owing to the manoeuvres of her self-love troopers, that the supernal state of True Love was getting upset by the Counterpole-sphere of selfish love.
Yet MY HOLY INTERVENTION was not a struggle for power or a war in the human sense but only a withdrawal of MY GRACE from those who in spite of MY LOVE'S infinite patience were unwilling to admit for themselves the wrongness of their intent.
This withdrawal of MY GRACE meant in the first place for all the spirits concerned of the Counterpole-sphere the loss of ETERNAL LIGHT from MY ETERNAL LOVE, which meant a fall from the LIGHT OF ETERNAL LOVE into darkness!
Self-chosen and self-caused was this fall into lightlessness, into darkness; for during the whole evolution from the stepping forth of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA to this fall into darkness, a lapse of time which cannot be figured out at all in terms of earthly time reckoning, I never ceased wjth exhortations of MY LOVE AND GRACE inducing the falling spirits to break away from self-love.
This heavenly retrospective has been necessary for this Bible chapter about true marriage in order to understand and accept the reasons for creating man and woman upon this Earth of redemption through My Mercy. For only now have you learnt how and why self-love appeared in My Creation as a Counterpole-development to true perfect LOVE and how it evolved not only as a Counterpole-force to MY OMNIPOTENCE, but even as a Counterpole-sphere similar to MY KINGDOM OF INFINITY AND ETERNITY.