- Chapter 5 -
Tasks of Salvation of Marriage

N ow, Children of My Love, turn your eyes inside yourselves on the strength of this revelation and recognize that there are other reasons accountable for all the suffering upon this Earth than those fake ones invented by your intellect, and ask yourselves now what you can do to wipe out the causes of guilt by cognitive and active LOVE so that mankind may advance towards a new true era of life.
After all these revelations it should be quite clear to you what each one of you can do - notwithstanding whatever arguments your intellect has mustered up and which only spell ruin for you - so as to rightly grasp the GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE for your maturing and resurrection in LOVE: MARRIAGE.
For marriage has not been given to you by YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER for lust's sake but to grow into MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS. Moreover, marriage has been given to you to contribute to the salvation of whatever fell through its own guilt from My Heavens into the depth of hell. In addition, marriage is meant to give flesh to a live eternal soul, whereby you can help the guilty spirits of Heaven to ascend to the TRUE KINGDOM OF LIFE.
Hence, by the deepest reason of MY LOVE AND GRACE, marriage is something holy indeed, marriage is overholy for whom who understands it correctly and lives it according to MY HOLY WILL. Yet whoever profanes it by dragging it into the mire of sin will take upon himself not only another burden of guilt, but through the fiendish aspects of sinfulness, he will serve My Counterpole who wants to cast him into absolute darkness of life.
Through a true and perfectly led marriage you not only ignore the attributes of My Counterpole, but you also help to redeem her, since he has taken hold of every weakness of the human body and soul, keeping the latter subjected to him in the straight]acket of the flesh and hence of death. So start, O men, to rise above matter and death by following what will now be revealed to you for your eternal salvation about HOLY MARRIAGE by MY EVERLASTING LOVE.