- Chapter 5 -
Holy Basic Prerequisites for a Holy Marriage

T he beginning of true marriage as sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, does not have to wait until the time of wedding, but takes place as soon as the incarnate soul has become aware, through MY SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE in it, of its being called upon to rise and perfect itself. Yet this moment is still too dim to push the soul resolutely on the ways of MY HOLY SPIRIT. It is like when a heavenly spirit has just issued from ME and has to decide, in its endowed own free volition, either to love ME above all and to follow ME in absolute obedience, or to follow its own ways, as I already revealed to you.
This moment occurs according to MY HOLY WILL, in every soul, whether male or female, but the point of this occurrence depends on so many events within the soul that this cannot be demonstrated here: all that may be said is that it will occur at the right time according to MY DIVINE ORDER. Thus no soul could argue that MY HOLY HAND had never been ready to help it in its ascent or its conversion.
Now this NEW BIBLE OF MINE is meant to confer to this moment of awakening not only a greater impact upon the soul, but more so to be a second chance for the soul's salvation in case it had missed the first. Thus is extended to you, earthly children, a special GRACE precisely in these times of excessive faults among men and women to save you from the fall into the depths of My Counterpole and to lead you onto the soaring paths of true marriage.
The sooner this moment dawns upon a soul the better, since it can all the sooner follow THE HOLY WAYS leading to a true and perfect married life and thus escape a grievous lot on Earth. If a soul, however, had already taken the wrong direction before this moment occurs, the circumstance of which is always MY HOLY WILL for the sake of the soul's own maturation, it is not too late for all that, and MY GUIDING HAND can still be seized. This is especially the case at the present time, when through MY RETURN ONTO EARTH IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, MARIA, MY HOLY ARM can be seized in any situation.
So meditate, My children of this Earth, with all your earnestness whatever is here being revealed, disclosed and taught to you, so that this truly holy instant may pervade you with the plenitude of MY LOVE to turn you - whether male or female - into true disciples of YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, so that the NEW JERUSALEM may be built on Earth where a true holy marriage will be lived.
The unmarried who experience this moment within their soul, will have MY GRACE by being led to a true and perfect married life, provided that they are ready to fulfill MY HOLY WILL and whatever has been laid down in this NEW BIBLE. Such a matrimony will be sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, and will be called a JESUS-MARIA-MARRIAGE.
On the other hand, when this moment dawns upon a married soul, it will have MY GRACE by having its union raised to the state of true marriage before MY HOLY FACE.
Whoever is already living an unhappy marriage when this moment of GRACE strikes his/her soul, this soul will equally partake of MY GRACE in that its conditions of married life will be changed, provided it is prepared to forgive its spouse in all things and to observe absolute obedience by doing what is required from it by MY HOLY WILL and what is written in this NEW BIBLE.
Whoever has severed the ties of marriage by divorce may nonetheless be struck by this moment of GRACE in his soul through MY GRACE so as to be led to the best of its spiritual interest following MY HOLY WILL.
Finally, even all those souls which have been and are still going completely astray on the paths of hellish sins can still be struck by this moment of GRACE, inasmuch as they are prepared to turn their eyes up towards ME THE LORD IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE and to start a new life without falling back, be it only for a single thought into their old errors and sins.
Thus none is left out from MY all-embracing JESUS-MARIA-LOVE; everyone can be guided and saved and the whole Earth purified for the NEW JERUSALEM which, according to MY HOLY PLAN OF CREATION, is ready to become a reality on this Earth of redemption. Ponder, children of this Earth, over what this means, realize in what a TIME OF GRACE you are living and what is being done for you by YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER OF ETERNAL LOVE in HIS MERCY!
So there ought to be only one thing that matters for you, namely to adopt with holy earnestness these HOLY COMMANDMENTS for a true married life blessed and sanctified by ME, and to turn definitely away from whatever the sinful world of My Counterpole still is trying to instil into your minds.