- Chapter 7 -
Access to THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD OUR LORD / The gathering of High Spirits

H ow difficult it is for the worldly wise to understand rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT, clearly transpires from My conversation with the learned Nicodemus of Jerusalem during My earthly lifetime. Whereas worldly wisdom is of no use for him who wants to enter into the true spirit; LOVE will open for the soul by the degree of its indwelling fire, the gate to MY HOLY SPIRIT.
It is a LAW OF LOVE that love leads to the sources of the most holy truths those souls only who are kindled with LOVE and stir it up to a blazing fire.
Nowadays you have it easier than ever on Earth to set ablaze this FIRE OF LOVE, since the distress of millions of souls under the raging atrocities of deepest hell thirsts, as it were, for your fervid LOVE, and if you truly strive to love ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, you rescue and redeem the suffering souls with the holiest ardour of your blazing LOVE.
Without a blazing fire in the hearth, no blacksmith could make glow and take shape the iron to be wrought; similarly, without the blazing FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, human souls confined in deepest bondage cannot be wrought into shape. For still harder than the material structure of iron and steel are the stiffened constraint structures of many a human soul. You can see that so clearly in the by far greater majority of souls of My former "chosen people" Israel; but you can see it also quite obviously with most people of this time. The devil is so often riding them and yet it would not occur to them to remember ME, GOD THE LORD.
Even in the crowd of human souls who love ME, never can a HOLY BLAZING FIRE OF LOVE be kindled if I THE LORD do not send among them a high Spirit from My Heavens. Hence the great messengers from My Heavens, the true prophets and disciples of MY LOVE, have always made their appearance among men in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, ignoring all dangers and pains, only attentive to their holy mission, namely to guide men onto MY HOLY WAYS.
Yet they never came straight onto Earth, as it were, in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, so as to be feared or gazed at in wonder, for nothing would have obtained then for the ripening of human souls, for in the end the tepid masses would soon be bored if such heavenly wonders did not go on nonstop.
Hence all high Spirits of My Heavens had first to go through a relentless period of tests and trials in their material body before MY HOLY WILL could prompt them that the time had come to activate the slumbering ember of their heavenly SPIRIT OF LOVE. Until then they have first to collect quite an experience in their physical body to equip them with acumen and a glowing heart enabling them to engage on the path of sacrifice and redemption.
In the present period on Earth there is not only a great number of high Spirits from Heaven among you, O men; I say THE LORD - most of them and the highest live amongst you, and this multivolume NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is being written by the two Highest. Yet this is not all! When this first volume of MY NEW BIBLE, "THE BOOK OF LOVE", will have spread the world over, the greatest preliminary work for the redemption of the human race will have been accomplished by them, whilst through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE in Her present incarnation the darkest of the dark will have been dissolved and redeemed.
I have already stated that a complete host from My Heavens has incarnated into earthly life for the redemption of all willing souls of the human race.
The gathering of all high Spirits and angels from My Heavens has now begun on this star of redemption during the present time with this "BOOK OF LOVE" of MY HOLY NEW BIBLE in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.