- Chapter 7 -
The forthcoming Holy Battle of the Spirit on Earth

W ho has ears to hear will perceive through this MY HOLY WORD what a HOLY BATTLE OF THE SPIRIT is in preparation on your Earth; look out not to fight on the wrong side! For MY CELESTIAL LEGIONS will overcome even the worst powers of darkness, unless the latter prefer to kneel down before ME, THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE, repenting and begging for mercy.
Suppose you could see the bottom of the "Dead Sea", where the sinful consequences of Sodom and Gomorrah are still visible today, you would quiver at the sight and even more so if you had a clear vision of all the links of your contemporary world history with the Great Flood and have a look at the bottom of the sea left over by the flood! It would be an eye-opener to you to see the results of continuous sinning which accumulate into a sea of iniquities, in the waves of which sinfulness itself is drowned!
You may now understand what stupendous shoulders are needed, as it were, to bear such and similar burdens of sin until their redemption, and the character of a rock is required to hold out against the storms of sinning. So I say once more: who has ears to hear shall listen to MY HOLY VOICE and realize why in this greatest and most difficult time of redemption MY HOLY WORK OF SALVATION can only be achieved with the strong shoulders of the "Woman of all Women" WHO bears the heaviest burden of redemption together with the "ROCK OF THE LORD"; therefore I THE LORD have already shown that the "QUEEN OF LOVE" is at the same time the "Man of all Men"! This will become patent when the New Jerusalem on Earth will be rung in!
Until then every willing soul who wants to stand unflinchingly on MY HOLY SIDE should endeavour to kindle within its own heart-centre the FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT and to stir it up to a permanent blazing HOLY FLAME, which will consume every still existing weakness and at the proximity of which all other souls may not only heat up, but even catch fire themselves becoming in turn most burning, merciful, and self-consuming LOVE.
The FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT consumes everything that is not perfect, heavenly, in short, that is not immaculately pure! For that reason I THE LORD am also the ETERNAL FIRE of MY PERFECT HOLY SPIRIT and have to be so forever, since otherwise there would be no pure HEAVENS in MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.
As MY CREATION is infinite and perpetuates itself from eternity to eternity, you can imagine, that in MY UR-FIRE OF ETERNAL LOVE I am inconceivable for your earthly concepts, and I am therefore also beyond the sight even of most of My spirits and angels. You should know that the shining radiance and brilliance of your sun has no source of its own, but is a mere reflection of the CENTRE OF MY HOLY UR-FIRE OF LOVE and that this applies also to all other, still greater suns of MY CREATION. You will hear more about this later on.