Deathbed scenes


"Eternal punishment" and "Eternal damnation" - do they exist?

n the work on the beyond "From Hell to Heaven" (Guidance in the beyond of Robert Blum), Vol.2, Chap. 226/227, an advanced spirit asks the Lord to reveal to him the true meaning of the concepts of "eternal punishment" and "eternal damnation", which crop up in all Christian churches and communities. He himself considers an eternal
punishment logical, provided there is an eternal reward as well. The Lord replies:
"With all I have created, I could not possibly have more than one purpose in mind. Since I Myself am Eternal Life, I cannot ever have created beings destined for eternal death. Therefore, wherever it may occur, a so-called punishment can only be a means to a fundamental and principal end, not to an as it were diametrically opposed end. Therefore there can never be mention of an "eternal damnation"! (...)
True, an "eternal death" is mentioned, which is an eternal, firm judgment, and this judgment arises from My eternal, immutable order. It is the so-called "fire of My wrath" or rather the "fire of the zeal of My will", which naturally must remain forever thus immutable, or else everything created would suddenly be annihilated.
Whosoever lets himself be carried away by the world and its matter (which must of necessity be and remain under judgment, otherwise it were no "world"), is of course to be considered "1ost" and "dead", as long as he refuses to part with the matter under judgment. There must thus be an eternal judgment, and eternal fire and a so-called eternal death. However, from this it does not follow that an imprisoned spirit under judgment must remain imprisoned for the whole duration of this judgment, just as little as on earth, in a secure prison built by you, the prisoners should be sentenced for the whole duration of the prison.
Are not, visible to everyone, prison and imprisonment two different things? The prison is and remains forever and the fire of My zeal must never go out, but the prisoners remain only in the prison until their conversion and betterment!
By the way, in the whole Scripture there is not one syllable of an eternal repudiation or condemnation of a spirit to be found, but only of an eternal condemnation of the counter-order as compared to My eternal order, which latter is essential because nothing could exist without it. Vice, as dis-order or counter-order, is truly condemned forever, but the one indulging in it only for as long as he is doing so. Thus there is in truth also an eternal hell, but no spirit who because of his vice would be condemned forever to hell, but only until his betterment!
To be sure, I did say to the Pharisees: "Therefore, you will be condemned all the more! - but never: Therefore, you will be condemned forever!" Do you now understand your so dangerouslooking scriptural texts? Or is there still something you fail to understand?"
Says the spirit: "O Lord, I have again understood quite well what you said. But there is a single point in Scriptures which I fail to completely comprehend. It is the "chasm" in the parable of the poor
Lazarus and the rich man..."
The Lord: ... "Volenti non fit iniuria; he who wills it thus, suffers no injustice! - As for the chasm, it means again the unbridgeable gulf between My freest order in the heavens and its diametrically opposed counter-order in hell, thus the incompatibility of order and disorder, not a forever locked gate for the one who is in it. Amen.