Deathbed scenes

- Scene 11 -
Robert Blum


27 November 1848

he last chapter written in the series of "Spirit Scenes" (Scenes of Dying) deals with the development in the beyond of a prominent man of the contemporary political scene, as described in two large volumes (title: From Hell to Heaven) of Robert Blum, who was executed by firing squad in Vienna in 1848 by order of Prince Windischgraetz as a revolutionary. We witness his spiritual awakening in the beyond and also how in his spiritual fantasy world the Lord Himself approaches this really quite loving man in order to free him from his worldly errors, making in turn the purified the purifier of many other souls, who had touched his sphere of action already in the earthly life.
The narration given here presents a profusion of great impressions and suggestions, contemporary scenes, characterizations, profound insights into the soul-life and gives a comprehensive picture of the world in the beyond, particularly when considered from the standpoint of the soul awakening in solitude, and then widening to an expansive panorama, comprising all humanity and creation.