Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 130 -
Love Alone Can Comprehend The Lord

HE TWO YOUTHS now said no more, but this explanation made Cyrenius too curious to let matters rest.
After a while when he had gathered his wits again, Cyrenius asked the two youths,
'Most exalted servants of God quite surely from eternity! Your explanation is too wonderfully sublime and attracts all that is alive in me to such an extent that I cannot be content with what you have told and shown me!
I now do indeed fully perceive that I am a natural man of worldly intellect, wholly devoid of all higher wisdom, who sees hardly the span of a hand farther than he can reach;
but should it not be possible to provide me with a little more insight?
I therefore ask you most humbly to do this for me! Open for me a greater ability to comprehend which is surely hidden within me,
so I might at least understand what you have told me more plainly.'
The pair replied: 'See, you otherwise so dear friend and brother, here you ask for something that is impossible before its time.
For as long as you still walk in the flesh, you can never comprehend matters of the highest divine wisdom.
Consider the Lord God, who here dwells in this Baby in all of His infinite and eternal fullness, to have countless myriads of most glorious and gigantic worlds and earths, the infinitely smallest part of which you see in the nighttime as little stars in the sky,
which He could have chosen for His incarnation as He did this earth! And despite this He has chosen this meager earth which, in fact, is the most miserable and inferior among all the countless spheres in every respect.
But thus it has pleased Him, the eternal Lord of infinity, to do - He did it, as is manifest before our eyes.
Now do you suppose that He needed either our counsel or our agreement for that?
See, that would be a basically false thought! He does what He wants alone from eternity, and never has anyone been His counselor!
Now who can ask Him and say: Lord, what are You doing, and why do You do it? -
He is in Himself eternally the highest perfection, the highest wisdom, the greatest love and gentleness.
He is in Himself the only most high power and might; one thought of destruction in His breast - and everything instantly sinks back into nothing.
And behold, here He allows Himself as a weak Child of man to be coaxed on the arms of a frail Jewish maiden.
And He who provides countless suns, worlds and beings of infinite description with life-giving, most wisely appropriate nourishment most generously from eternity, does Himself here on this meager earth suck the frail breasts of a fifteen-year-old maiden.
He as the primal Life of all life has Himself put on the garment of death and of sin and has hidden Himself in flesh and blood!
Now what do you say to that? - How does that seem to you? Would you not like to have a clearer explanation of that also?
But as little as you will ever comprehend that in its full depth, just that little can any more be told you here concerning the early speaking of this most high Child!
Love Him instead with all your might, and betray Him nowhere, and you will then find something in this love which otherwise all the heavens will not be able to reveal to you in eternities.'
These words filled Cyrenius with such a tremendous respect of the Child that he immediately fell down before Him and said in tears, 'O Lord, I am eternally never worthy of such grace which I enjoy here.'
And the Baby said, 'Cyrenius, stand up, and do not betray Me. I do indeed know your heart and love you and bless you - therefore arise!' And Cyrenius promptly arose, altogether trembling from love and esteem.