Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 150 -
The Miraculously Repaired Ship

YRENIUS INSPECTED the ship closely and estimated how many people would probably find room therein.
And he found that if necessary it could comfortably accommodate a thousand people.
While he was making this estimate, Cyrenius also convinced himself of the extraordinary sturdiness and symmetry of this ship -
for it did not appear as if it were an old and patched-up one, but the entire ship seemed as if it had been poured in one mold.
No seam could be discovered, nor were any yearly rings, knots nor other grains or wood pores to be seen.
When Cyrenius had convinced himself of all this, he returned with his aides to the company on the shore. Arrived there, he went directly over to Joseph and asserted,
'My truly exalted friend, you are the most fortunate of men on the earth! I do not wonder about the miracle at all any more, for I know only too well by now that all things are possible with God.
I know that this is no built and repaired ship, but one created wholly anew - but I am not surprised thereat,
for it would undoubtedly be just as easy for the Lord to create a whole world as such a ship. The earth, after all, is also a ship which carries a great many people on the ocean of infinity.
But that you have now put me greatly in your debt, see, that makes me wonder how I shall ever be able to repay you.
'You see, this ship which. recently was worth hardly a pound of silver, since it resembled a wreck more than a ship, is now worth over ten thousand pounds of gold!
For it can now be used for a journey beyond the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Britain, as well as for the circumnavigation of the African continent all the way to India.
Truly, such monumental handiwork cannot, by the standard of its usefulness in the world, be paid for with enough gold!
See, my most eminent friend, that is what now makes me wonder if I really will ever be able to repay you this debt.
If you were to honor the gold, as truly as your and now also my God lives you shall have ten thousand pounds in seven days.
But I know that gold is an abomination in your eyes, and it now saddens me that I must continue to owe something to you, my greatest friend!'
At this Joseph seized Cyrenius by the hand, pressed it to his bosom and tried to speak, and the tears came to his eyes as he beheld this noble Roman.
And in his stead the Baby sat up, smiled at Cyrenius and stated: 'My dear Cyrenius Quirinus, I tell you truly: If you had adopted only one poor soul in My name, you would already have done more than the value of ten thousand such ships could equal!
But you have now provided for several hundred in a short time, and I would have to give you ever so many such ships for it to recompense you on earth for that.
'Behold, with Me one human being is worth more than a whole world full of such ships! So do not be concerned because of your imagined debt.
What you do for the poor, that you also do for Me. And for that I shall not reward you here on earth, but when you die I shall promptly awaken your soul and make you equal with these My servants here who repaired the ship.'
Here Cyrenius wept and avowed that from now on he would devote his whole life to the welfare of the poor and afflicted among mankind.
And the Baby lifted up His hand and said, 'Amen' and thereupon blessed Cyrenius and the ship.