Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 153 -
The Word Of The Lord To Isaiah

AFTER A WHILE Cyrenius drew Joseph aside and asked him,
'My exalted friend and brother, did you hear what the Baby said to me?
Did you hear how He for once said right out: I, your Lord and your God! -?
If I add His willpower and the servants from the heavens of heavens who always fall down on their faces when the little one speaks, then the child is truly the only, eternal, veritable God and Creator of the world and of all things in it!
Friend, brother, what do you say to this my testimony? Is it not thus? Or is it otherwise?'
Here Joseph was taken somewhat aback himself, for he did indeed hold the Child to be a perfect Son of God. but he did not hold Him to be the Deity Himself.
He therefore replied after a while, 'To consider the Child to be God Himself might be assuming too much.
For the Jews are after all children of God - and therefore are also sons of God!
And that dates back to the days of father Abraham who was also a son of God as were his descendants.
Besides, we have always had big and little prophets who, when they spoke, spoke from God, and God foretold judgments and spoke through them constantly in the first person.
Thus the Lord once spoke through Isaiah: For I am the Lord your God, who sets the sea in motion that its waves rage. My name is: Lord Zebaoth.
I put My word in your mouth and cover you under the shadow of My hands, so I may plant heaven and establish the earth and speak to Zion: you are My people!
'See, even though the prophet spoke like that in the first person as if he were the Lord himself, he nevertheless is not the Lord, for it is only the Lord's Spirit that speaks thus through the prophet's mouth!
So you see, this must also be the case here. God is awakening a truly mighty prophet in this Child and already speaks through His mouth at an early age as once through the boy Samuel!'
Cyrenius was satisfied with this for the time being, but the Baby called Joseph and Cyrenius over and said to Joseph:
'Joseph you well know that the Lord spoke through the mouth of the prophets mostly as if in the first person.
But are you not familiar with what the Lord on one occasion speaks through Isaiah when He says:
'Who is He that comes from Edom, with reddish clothes from Bazra? Who is so greatly adorned in His garments and paces about in His great power? -
It is I, who teach justice and am a Champion to help!
Why is Your garment so red and Your dress like his that treads in the winepress? -
I tread the wine-press alone and none is with Me among the nations! I trod them underfoot in My wrath!
Therefore their power is spattered upon My garments, and I defiled all My garments!
For I have determined upon a day of vengeance; the year to redeem My own is come!
For I looked about but there was no helper; I was in terror but no one rescued Me - instead My arm had to help Me, and my anger restrained Me!
Therefore I have trampled the nations underfoot in My anger and have made them drunk in My wrath and have struck their power to the ground!
'Joseph, do you know Him who comes from Edom and now has come and speaks to you: I am He who teaches justice and am a Champion to help!- ?'
At these words Joseph laid his hand on his breast and inwardly worshiped the Baby.
After a while Cyrenius said to Joseph very quietly, 'Brother! In these for me of course too lofty words of the Baby it seems to me as if I were right after all!'
And Joseph admitted, 'Yes, you are right - but you must now be all the more concerned in keeping silent about it if you want to live!' - And Cyrenius inscribed this admonition deep in his heart and heeded it his whole life long.