Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 17 -
The Doubting Salome Is Forgiven

AFTER SALOME SAID THIS, she went into the cave and said,
'Mary, my soul is in no little conflict; therefore I would ask you that you prepare yourself, so I may examine you with my well-experienced hand and learn therefrom how matters stand with your virginity!'
Mary willingly acquiesced in the desire of the unbelieving Salome, prepared herself, and allowed herself to be examined.
But as soon as Salome touched Mary's body with her experienced hand, she began a mighty lament and cried out at the top of her voice,
'Woe, woe to me because of my ungodliness and my great disbelief, that I wanted to tempt the eternally living God! See, see here - my hand is being consumed in the fire of the divine wrath over wretched me!'
After these words she quickly fell down on her knees before the Baby and exclaimed,
'O God of my fathers! You almighty Lord of all glory! Remember me, that I am also a seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
Oh do not set me up to ridicule before the sons of Israel, but give me back my healthy limbs again!'
And behold, thereupon an angel of the Lord stood beside Salome and said to her, 'The Lord God has granted your entreaty - go over to the little Child and carry Him, and a great salvation will be yours for it!'
When Salome heard this, she went on her knees over to Mary and asked her for the Baby.
Mary willingly gave her the Baby and said to her, 'May He be to your salvation according to the saying of the angel of the Lord; may the Lord have mercy on you!'
And Salome took the Baby on her arms and while thus carrying Him kneeling testified:
'O God, You almighty Lord of Israel, You who reign and govern from eternity! In all, all fullness of truth is here born to Israel a King of Kings who will be mightier than there was David, the man after the heart of God. You I shall honor and praise forever!'
After these words Salome was completely healed again, then gave the Baby back to Mary in the most grateful contrition of her heart and thus justified went out of the cave.
And when she was outside, she wanted to cry out aloud about the great wonder of all wonders and had already begun to tell her sister what had happened to her.
At this a voice was heard from above, and it said, 'Salome, Salome, be sure to tell no one, what extraordinary thing has happened to you! For the time is still to come when the Lord will testify of Himself in words and deeds!'
At this Salome became silent, and Joseph went out and asked the two sisters to return to the cave according to Mary's wish, so no one should notice anything of the wonderful things that had taken place in this cave this day. And both humbly went back into the cave.