Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 188 -
A Test Of Love For Cyrenius

HILE CYRENIUS was looking at his earth-globe again with great attentiveness, the little Child wanted to be put down so He might frisk back and forth a bit on the hill.
At this Cyrenius set Him on the ground ever so gently and avowed,
'O my life, my salvation, my all! Only from my hands do I free you bodily -
but never, never from my heart: for there you dwell from now on quite alone - yes, You all alone are my love!
Truly, as long as I have only You, my Savior, then the whole world with all its treasures means less than nothing to me!'
Here the little Child turned to Cyrenius again and said,
'I will just have to remain with you after all - although I really would like to frisk around a bit - because you love Me so much!
If you had constantly gazed at your little earth, see I would have become a bit bored with you:
but since you have directed your heart as well as your whole attention to Me again, I just have to remain with you and cannot separate Myself from you!
Now listen, My dear Cyrenius, just what will your wife say to that, since she has surely heard that you love only Me and no one else?'
And Cyrenius asserted, 'Lord, if I just have You, what do I care about my wife and the whole world? See, all that I am ready to trade off for a mite!
O my Jesus, what can possibly give greater happiness than to love You above all things and to be loved in return by You?
Therefore I would rather despise Tullia like a horde of locusts than to depart from my love to You by only a hair's breadth!'
The little Child now asked, 'Cyrenius, if I tested you a bit in that matter, do you really think that you would remain constant?'
And Cyrenius declared, 'The way I now feel, You could turn the whole world to dust beneath my feet and take Tullia from me a thousand times, if it were possible, and I still would remain constant in my love toward You!'
Hereupon Tullia, as if smitten by a stroke, suddenly sank to the ground and was dead.
This was a great shock to the whole company, and fresh lemon juice and water were quickly brought to revive her;
but all effort was vain - for Tullia was stone dead.
And when Cyrenius saw that Tullia was really dead, he covered up his face and was very sad.
Thereat the little Child asked the sorrowing Cyrenius, 'Cyrenius what am I to make of you now? See, the earth is still whole, and your wife is far from being killed a thousand times as you requested - and you sorrow as if you had lost everything in the world!
Do you not still have Me just as before when I meant everything to you? How then can you be so very sad?'
Hereupon Cyrenius sighed deeply and said very plaintively, 'O Lord, I just did not know how dear Tullia was to me as long as I had her - and only her loss showed me her worth!
Therefore I am sad and will indeed sorrow for her, who was such a noble and faithful helpmate to me, for the rest of my life!'
At this the little Child also sighed deeply and said, 'Oh you changeable children of men, how little constancy dwells in your hearts!
If men are already like this in My presence, what will they be like when I am not among them any more?
Cyrenius, what was I to you a few minutes ago, and what am I to you now?
You cover your face before Me as before the world, and your heart is so filled with sorrow that you can hardly hear My voice.
'Now I tell you: Truly, like that you are far from being worthy of me!
For whoever still loves his wife more than Me, he is not worthy of Me, since I am after all more than woman, created by My power!
I say to you: Take better counsel with yourself in the future, or you will never see My face in this world!'
Thereupon the little Child went over to Joseph and told him, 'Joseph, have the deceased one brought into the little side room and have her lain on a bier.'
Here Joseph inquired, 'My little Son, will she never come back to life?'
And the little Child said, 'Do not ask Me about that - for My time is still a long way off, but do instead as I told you!
See, the woman was jealous of Me when Cyrenius confessed his love to Me - it was this jealousy and this love-envy which killed her so quickly. So do not ask Me further and have her brought into the little side room and lain on a bier, for she is really dead!'
At this Joseph promptly had the corpse brought into the house and lain on a bier set up in a small side room.
All now went over to Cyrenius and comforted him at this sudden loss of his wife.
But Cyrenius soon uncovered his face, straightened up like a real hero and said,
'Oh dear friends, do not comfort me in vain - for I have already found my consolation in my own heart
and you could not possibly give me a better one!
See, the Lord gave me this noble wife in a truly wonderful way, and now He has taken her from me again - for He alone is truly the Lord of all life!
Let everything therefore be offered up to Him and His holy name be praised and honored for it always.
'It is indeed a hard blow to my weak human heart - but now I also perceive it to be all the more enlivening for my spirit!
For by means of this the Lord has freed me and I am not unencumbered by any earthly bonds and belong to Him alone, and He alone is now the holy dweller in my heart! So do not comfort me - for He alone is my consolation forever.'
And the little Child went to Cyrenius and said to him, 'Amen! So be it forever!
Like a breath these years on earth in which we will still work here will pass away - and then you will be where I shall be forever among those who will love Me like you do. So be it forever, and ever, and ever!'