Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 195 -
A Simile Of The World's Children

FTER A WHILE the girl returned, and the little Child promptly asked her if she wanted to join in the game again.
But the girl replied, 'I do want to look on, but I do not want to play, for I am easily annoyed and then You are promptly severe!
So I do not want to take part, for I am too greatly afraid of You because You quickly call forth rats and mice.'
Here the little Child said, 'Well, why then are you so foolish and become annoyed about matters by which you have nothing to lose whether they turn out one way or the other?
Be satisfied with what your lot brings you, and no rats or mice will bother you any more!
Look at Me! I always toss last, and I do not grumble when, in fact, the precedence rightfully belongs to Me.
Why then do you grumble when you as a girl should really personify patience itself?'
The girl replied, 'How can I help that? Why then do I have such a disposition? I have not given it to myself, so I am as I am and cannot be otherwise!
And since I know that I am like that, I would rather not join in the game, for if anything annoys me You will punish me again with mice.'
At this the little Child turned away and remarked as if to Himself, 'See, the children of the world remonstrate with You and criticize Your work among themselves because they do not know You!
But one more throw and still another throw, and the children of the world will think differently of You!'
Thereupon the little Child turned around and asked the girl, 'Whom then do you blame, that you are thus angry and are now dissatisfied with your lot?'
Here the girl retorted,'Truly, when You, my dear Jesus, once start asking, then there is no end to it,
and You then become a terribly annoying Child because of that!
What do I know about who is responsible that I am like this? You Yourself are a sort of little prophet and are a wonder Child that can speak with God!
Ask Him, if You can, and He will best be able to tell You why I am like this!'
At this the little Child stepped closer to the girl and asserted, 'Girl, if you knew Me, you would speak otherwise.
But since you do not know Me, you allow your tongue to run away with you!
Just look up there to the sun! What do you suppose it is, and from whom does it get its lustre?'
But the girl, who had already become quite impatient, complained, 'Why do you have to pick especially on me and downright torment me with your questions?
Just look, there are seven others, but You do not ask them anything! Go over to them for a while and bother them with Your eternal questioning!'
And the little Child retorted, 'Oh girl, see, they are well and need no medicine - but you are sick in your soul, wherefore I would indeed help you if you were not so contrary!
But since you are so very contrary, it will be difficult to help you.
But just remember this: if an angel from the heavens of God were given the grace to be questioned by Me like you are, he would become so inflamed in his great bliss that the fire of his love would destroy the whole earth in an instant!
Now leave Me - for I do not care for you any more because you are so contrary and stubborn!' - Here the girl left and secretly wept, while Jesus as King continued to direct His playmates.