Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 27 -
Away In A Manger, No Crib For His Bed

OWARDS EVENING, still an hour before sunset, the eminent travelers again reached Bethlehem and moved into the familiar cave.
The two sons who remained behind, Salome, and the captain greeted them with open arms and most concernedly asked the returnees how they had fared on the journey.
And Joseph told all that had taken place and finally also admitted that he and all those traveling with him still had not had anything to eat on this day, for the very meager supply of food had hardly been enough for the weak Mary.
When the captain heard Joseph say this, he promptly went to the back of the cave and brought back a number of foodstuffs permissible to the Jews and then said to Joseph,
'Here, may your God bless it for you, and do you also bless it according to your custom, and all of you still your hunger and restore yourselves herewith.'
Joseph then thanked God, blessed the food and in good spirits ate with Mary and his sons and the midwife.
Now the Baby had become heavy for Mary from carrying Him all day, so she said to Joseph,
'Joseph, see, if I only had a little place beside me where to lay the Baby, to give my arms a little rest, then I would be provided for in everything, and the Baby Himself could become stronger with more restful sleep.'
No sooner had the captain finished hearing Mary's wish when he promptly sprang into the rear of of the cave and quickly brought out a small manger which was for the use of the sheep.
Salome quickly took the best straw and fresh hay, filled out the little manger with it, then covered it with a fresh piece of cloth and thus made a soft little bed for the Baby.
And Mary wrapped the Baby in fresh linen, pressed Him to her bosom, kissed Him, then gave Him to Joseph and also to all the others to be kissed and then laid into the indeed very shabby little bed for the Lord of heaven and earth.
The Baby slept very quietly, and Mary could now eat undisturbedly and restore herself at the meal which the very good-hearted captain had prepared for them.
After the meal Mary again said to Joseph, 'Joseph, have my resting place made ready, for I am exhausted from the trip and therefore would like to retire.'
Salome told her, 'Oh mother of my Lord, that has long been attended to in the best way - come and see.'
Here Mary arose, again took the Baby and also had the little crib carried into her tent and went to rest, and that was the first whole night's sleep for Mary since she gave birth.
And the captain saw to it that the hearth was diligently heated and had white stones warmed and placed around Mary's tent so she with the Child would be sure not to suffer from the cold; for this was a cold night, in which the water out in the open turned to solid ice.