Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 30 -
The Magi Worship The Baby

HEN THE GOOD JOSEPH heard all this, his oppressed heart became lighter, and since he heard that the captain would come to him, he prepared himself to receive him.
The captain entered, greeted Joseph and said to him, 'Man in my highest esteem!
See, by a wondrous providence these visitors from the East now waiting outside have come here, and I have examined them strictly and found no malice in them.
They wish to pay homage to the Child according to the promise of their God, and I am of the opinion that you can let them enter without having the least fear, if it is convenient for you.'
Joseph replied, 'If that is the way it is, then I will praise and glorify my God, for He has again taken a heavy stone from my heart!
But a short time ago Mary became a bit terrified when the Persians began to encamp about this cave; therefore I will first have to see how matters stand with her, so an unexpected entry of these guests will not frighten her still more than she was already frightened of them.'
The captain agreed to Joseph's precaution, and Joseph went to Mary and informed her of everything that he heard from the captain.
And Mary replied in a happy mood, 'Peace to all people on earth who are of a good and faithful heart and allow their will to be led by God!
They are surely welcome when the Spirit of the Lord will indicate it, and shall reap the blessing of their faithfulness! For I am not in the least afraid of them.
But when they enter you will have to stand close by my side, for it just would not be proper for me to receive them in this tent by myself!'
Joseph answered, 'Mary, If you are strong enough, then arise with the Child and lay Him in the crib before you, and the guests can enter to give the Child their homage!'
Mary promptly fulfilled Joseph's wish, and Joseph told the captain,
'See, we are ready; if the three wish to enter, you can tell them that we are prepared to receive them in our poverty!'
Hereupon the captain went outside and made this known to the Magi. - At this the three fell down to the earth, praised God for this permission, then took the golden bags and full of reverence went to the cave.
The captain opened the door, and the three entered the cave in greatest awe - for at the moment they entered, a powerful light emanated from the Child.
And when the wise men came close to the little crib wherein the Baby lay, they fell down on their faces and worshiped the Same.
For an hour long they lay before the Child, stirred and humbled in the highest veneration. Then they slowly arose and while kneeling raised up their tearful faces and gazed upon the Lord, the Creator of infinity and eternity.
And the names of the three were: Chaspara, Melcheor and Balthehasara.
And the first, accompanied by the spirit of Adam, affirmed: To God alone the honor, the glory, and the praise! Hosanna, Hosanna to God, the triune One from eternity to eternity!'
Hereupon he took the purse woven of golden threads which held thirty-three pounds of the finest incense, and in greatest deference gave it to Mary with the words,
'Take without shyness, oh mother, this insignificant witness of That with which my whole being will be filled forever! Take the poor outward tribute which every thinking being owes to his almighty Creator from the bottom of His heart forever!'
Mary then took the heavy purse and gave it to Joseph, and the donor arose, went over to the door and again knelt down and worshiped the Lord in the Child.
And the second, who was a Moor and was accompanied by the spirit of Cain, lifted up a somewhat smaller purse but of the same weight, filled with purest gold, and gave it to Mary with the words:
'What is fitting for the King of spirits and mankind on earth, I here bring a smallest offering of to You, o Lord of glory forever! Take it, oh mother, you who have given birth to What the tongues of all the angels will eternally never be able to express!'
Here Mary took the second purse and gave it to Joseph. And the wise man who made the offering arose and went over to the first and did as he did.
Then the third arose and took his purse, filled with the very finest goldmyrrh, in that day one of the most precious spices, and gave it to Mary with the words:
'The Spirit of Abraham accompanies me and now sees the day of the Lord, which he has looked forward to with such great joy!
And I, Balthehasara, here offer up in a small gift what is fitting for the Child of all children! Take it, oh mother of all grace. But my breast conceals a better offering: it is my love - this shall eternally be a most genuine offering to this Child!'
At this Mary took the purse which also weighed thirty-three pounds and gave it to Joseph. The wise man then also arose and went over to the first two, worshiped the Baby, and after completing his prayer went outside with them to their tents.