Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 33 -
Preparations For The Flight To Egypt

URING THE NIGHT an angel appeared in a dream to Joseph as well as to Mary and said:
'Joseph, sell the treasures and buy a few more beasts of burden for yourself, for you must flee to Egypt with your family!
See, Herod has burst into a mighty rage and has resolved to murder all children from the first to twelve years of age because he was tricked by the wise men!
These are supposed to have informed him where the new King was born, so he then could have sent out his myrmidons who were to have murdered the Child, which is the new King.
But we angels of the heavens have been instructed by the Lord still before He came into the world to watch mos concernedly over everything that has to do with your safety.
And for that reason I now came to you to inform you what Herod will do, since he cannot be certain of get-ting hold of the One he wants.
The captain himself will have to be instrumental to Herod if he does not want to be betrayed to the emperor by him, and for that reason you shall start on your journey even tomorrow!
You can also let the captain know this, and he will assist you in making a speedy departure! - So be it in the name of Him who lives and sucks the breasts of Mary!'
Here Joseph awoke, and so did Mary, who immediately called Joseph over in a frightened tone of voice and told him her dream.
Joseph thereupon saw his vision confirmed in Mary's story and assured her, 'Mary, do not worry, before noon we will be across the hills - and in seven days in Egypt!
Now, since dawn is here already, I will go outside at once and put everything in order for a quick departure.'
Joseph with his three oldest sons now took the treasures and carried them to a moneychanger, who quickly opened the door and redeemed everything from him for the proper amount.
Then Joseph, led by a servant of the money-changer, went to a trader in pack animals and promptly bought six more pack donkeys and thus well equipped returned to the cave.
There the captain already awaited him and at once told him of the most cruel and abominable reports that had come to him from Jerusalem.
Joseph was not greatly surprised at the captain's story and said in a voice resigned to God,
'Honored friend, as I foretold you yesterday, all that you now tell me, and in much greater clarity, the Lord made known to me last night concerning all that Herod has resolved.
See, in addition you will have to assist him yourself, for he wants to have all children in the vicinity of Bethlehem and in the town itself slaughtered into the twelfth year so that among them he might also get at mine!
Therefore I must flee from here still today to where the Spirit of the Lord will lead me away from Herod's cruelty.
For that reason I would ask you to inform me of the safe route to Sidon, for I must depart already in an hour.'
When the captain heard this, he became incensed about Herod beyond measure and swore never-ceasing revenge against him, asserting,
'Joseph, as truly as day is now beginning and the sun already stands above the horizon, as truly as your God lives, that truly will I as a noble patrician of Rome rather allow myself to be crucified before I shall let that blood-thirsty tyrant carry out such an undertaking without punishment!
I will promptly guide you across the hills myself under good protection, and once I know that you are safe, I shall hurry back and send a fast messenger to Rome, who shall inform the emperor of what Herod plans to do.
In the meantime I shall exert every possible means here to bring the intentions of that monster to naught.'
And Joseph answered, 'Honored friend! Since you are able to do something, then at least protect the children from three to twelve years! Such will be within your power!
But the little children from birth on into the second year you will not be able to protect.
And the first-mentioned protection you will not be able to accomplish by force either, but only by means of discretion.
The Lord will lead you in the use of such discretion! Therefore do not think much about what you will do, for the Lord will lead you in secret!'
At this the captain exclaimed, 'No, no, the children's blood shall not flow - rather than that I will use military force!'
Here Joseph advised, 'See, what after all can you do, for right now Herod is leaving Jerusalem with an entire Roman legion! Will you take the field against your own forces? Do therefore as the Lord will guide you, so that with a kindly manner you may still save the three-to-twelve-year-olds!' Thereupon the captain yielded.