Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 44 -
The Family's New Home

HEN CYRENIUS reached the purchased villa with Joseph and his family, Joseph said to Cyrenius,
'Noble friend! There I would be happy - an unpretentious villa, a comely orchard full of dates, figs, pomegranates, oranges, apples, pears and cherries,
grapes, almonds, melons and a mass of vegetables. And next to it a pasture and three acres of corn - all that surely belongs to this!
Truly, I want nothing pretentious or ornate, but this practically laid-out villa, which has great similarity with my leased farmstead at Nazareth in Judea, I would like to either rent or buy.'
Here Cyrenius drew out the ownership scroll and handed it to Joseph with the words,
'May the Lord, your and now also my God, bless it for you! I herewith hand over to you the tax-free, complete ownership of this villa.
Everything that you see enclosed by a thick hedge and held in with a palisade fence belongs to this villa! In back of the dwelling there is also a roomy stable for donkeys and cows, where you will find two cows and space for your pack animals, of which you already have enough for your needs.
But if in time you should wish to return to the land of your fathers, you can then sell this property and with the money buy yourself some property there.
In short - you, my great friend, are now in full ownership of this villa and can do with it what you will.
I am going to remain here for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow so Herod's messengers of ill tidings shall impatiently await me all the longer
For this short time only I will also make use of this villa because of my great love for you.
I would of course only need to give the order, and the imperial palace would have to be made ready for me at once - in the first place because I hold the emperor's full power of authority,
and also because I am a close relative of the emperor.
But all this I set aside because of my great respect and love for you, and quite especially for the Child whom I unquestionably consider to be at least the Son of the most high God!'
Joseph was so deeply moved at this noble surprise that in his heartfelt joy he could only weep, but not smile.
And Mary also fared no better, but she quickly regained her self-control, went over to Cyrenius and expressed her gratitude by laying the Baby in Cyrenius' arms. And Cyrenius, deeply touched, asserted, 'O my great Lord and God! Is a sinner really worthy of holding You on his hands? So then be gracious and merciful to me!'