Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 55 -
Cyrenius Learns Wisdom From The Baby

HEN THE MEAL was ready, the invited guests came into the dining room. Cyrenius, who was still coaxing the Baby which played with him and also caressed him, then gave the Baby back to Mary and gave the sign for the meal to begin.
All now sat down at the freshly-set table - but Mary, since she had no fine clothes, went into a side room and sat down at the table with Joseph's sons.
Cyrenius soon noticed this, hastened after the dear mother and said,
'Oh most charming mother of This my Life, what are you trying to do?
You and your Child are of the foremost concern to me - you are the queen of our gathering, and now you are the very one who does not wish to take part in my feast of celebration which I had arranged here especially for you!
Oh no, that is altogether out of the question! So hurry and come into the dining room and sit on my right - and on my left sits your husband!
But Mary responded, 'Oh see, dear sir, my clothes are very shabby - how will they look at your glittering side?'
And Cyrenius replied, 'Oh dear mother, if my golden clothes, which mean absolutely nothing to me, should bother you, I would immediately throw them aside and don a common sailor's frock just so I would not miss you at my table!'
Since Mary was convinced of the great humility of Cyrenius, she returned and sat down at the table beside Cyrenius with the Child on her arms.
As they all sat at the table, the Baby constantly looked at Cyrenius and smiled, while Cyrenius also could not take his eyes off the Child for all his love of Him.
For a short time Cyrenius held out, but then his love for the Child became too great
and he asked the dear little One, 'Am I not right, my Life - You would like to come to me again on my arms?'
And the Baby smiled sweetly at Cyrenius and again said quite distinctly:
'Oh My beloved Cyrenius, I come to you very gladly - because you love Me so much, I also love you so much!'
At this Cyrenius quickly stretched out his arms to the Child, took Him to himself and caressed Him fervently.
Her Mary banteringly admonished the Baby, 'Now be sure that You do not get any dirt on the Lord Cyrenius!'
And Cyrenius said in deep emotion, 'Oh dear mother! I do indeed wish that I were clean enough to worthily carry this Child on my arms!
This Child can only make me clean, but never dirty me!'
Thereupon he again turned to the Child and asked, 'My dear little Child, is it not true, I am still very unclean and very unworthy to carry You?'
Here the Baby again said distinctly: 'Cyrenius, whoever loves Me as you do, he is clean - and I love him as he loves Me!'
Cyrenius, quite enchanted, continued to ask the Baby, saying, 'But how is it, my dear little Child, that You, while hardly a few months old, already speak so sensibly and clearly? Did Your dear mother teach You that?'
And the Baby, smiling very gently, sat up on the arms of Cyrenius and stated like a little lord:
'Cyrenius, that does not depend on one's age or learning, but on the greatness of one's spirit. Only the body and the soul must learn - but the spirit already has everything in it from God.
Now My Spirit is full of power from God - that is why I am able to speak so soon!'
This answer caused the utmost astonishment in Cyrenius as well as among the entire company, and the garrison commander asserted, 'By Zeus, this Child even now puts all of the world's wise men to shame with this answer! What by comparison are Plato, Socrates and a hundred other wise men? And what great things will this Child accomplish when He grows to manhood? - And Cyrenius responded, 'Certainly more than our wise men along with all our gods!'