Biographical Gospel of the Lord

- Chapter 73 -
The Baby's Dictum To Cyrenius

HEN THEY ALL had arrived at the villa, Cyrenius immediately sent his adjutant into the city to the garrison commander and informed him that on this and the following day no parades nor marches from the city were to take place.
For such was the custom with the Romans on extraordinary occasions that with certain phenomena - as perhaps an eclipse of the sun or moon, a violent storm,
fiery meteors, comets, the sudden appearance of an insane person, an epileptic seizure,
as well as extraordinary days of execution - all these by custom did not permit the Romans to also deal with ordinary matters of the state.
For all such days were considered by the otherwise in many ways realistic Romans as days of misfortune or as special days of the gods, which the people were to keep holy at the first opportunity and were not to make use of them for their personal business.
While Cyrenius did not take much stock in these empty customs by himself, he had to observe them because of the populace which still adhered firmly to such follies.
When the adjutant had departed, Cyrenius said to Joseph, 'Esteemed friend and brother! Have a breakfast prepared now. After breakfast we will all go into the city together and there view the ravages of the storm.
On this occasion we will undoubtedly find many citizens of this locality who are poor and were struck by misfortune, to whom we shall give aid in every possible way.
Then we will inspect the harbor and see what condition the ships are in and if and to what extent they were damaged.
No doubt a number of tasks will arise for your sons, whom I will immediately name as first overseers, since this city especially has a very great lack of builders.
For Egypt, from the architectural point of View, is now far inferior to what it was a thousand years ago at the times of the old Pharaohs.'
Joseph immediately acted on the wish of Cyrenius and had a simple breakfast prepared consisting of bread, honey and milk and a few fruits.
After the meal Cyrenius and all the table guests arose and wanted to go into the city according to his intention.
But the Baby called Cyrenius to himself and said to him: 'My Cyrenius, you are going into the city to help the suffering citizenry in any way you can, and your greatest desire is to have Me with you.
Yes, I will also go with you, but you must hear Me and follow My advice!
See, those who are suffering the most are surely those three who were condemned by you to a twenty-four-hour fear of death.
Now mark, I am not pleased with the too great suffering of these who are wretched - so we will first go there and help these most miserable souls. Only after that we will visit the lesser unfortunates in the city and the seaharbor.
If you will do that, I shall go with you, but if you will not, I shall stay at home. See, I am also a Master in My own way and can do as I please without relying on you. But if you do take My advice, I will surely rely on you.'