!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)



- Chapter 66 -
The Kingdom of God and rebirth

here are many who say: "There is nothing wrong with searching for the kingdom of God; but if only it were easier to find, and if only there were a church or a Christian congregation somewhere through which the proper path to God's kingdom could be found." Rome proclaims: AI alone am the right path!" And all the other churches make the same claim. Should you travel one or the other of these paths that is supposed to lead to the kingdom of God, you will probably find everything else, but you will not find the promised kingdom of God.
What I have to say in regard to this is as follows: When one has to search too long for even the most precious object, one will in time discontinue one's search. But whose fault is it? That of he seeker himself, if he looks for the kingdom of God where it cannot be found rather than where it can. It is clearly written that the kingdom of God does not come with external splendor, but rather it is within a human being. Its cornerstone is Christ, the one and only God and Lord of Heaven and Earth, temporary and eternally in space as in infinity, in Whom the heart must believe, and above all Whom the heart must love, and love its fellow man like itself.
When a human being has entirely fulfilled this simple demand in his heart, the kingdom of God has already been found. Having reached this level, you do not have to worry any more about what you require, because it will be given. Whosoever is in need of wisdom, it will be given when and where he is in need of it. Should such a person require any external aids to maintain his earthly life, it will be given to him at the right time in proper measure. Should he require special powers on certain occasions, they will be given. He will not be without counsel and comfort. Should he require a foreign tongue on special occasions, then that will be given. And if he wishes to help an ailing person, he will require nothing but My name and his own hands.
No one, while in the flesh, will have all of these advantages at his disposal at all times, even if he has been born again; they will only be available to him when, in all seriousness, they are really required. Even a born-again human being has to come to Me, just like anyone else, if he requires something, just as I Myself, when I walked in the flesh upon Earth, could not and was not allowed to do as I pleased, but did whatsoever the Father Who sent Me wanted.
The Father was of course in Me, as I am in Him. He, however, was the Spirit of God as the Father of Eternity. And I was and am His soul. This soul, however, possesses Her own cognition and capabilities as the highest and most perfect Soul of all souls. In spite of this, this soul was not allowed to do and did not do what She wanted to do, but only that which the One wanted from Whom She originated. Even though this soul wanted to set aside the last bitter chalice, the One that was in Me did not want Me to do so. That is why My soul did whatever the One Who was within Me wanted.
Therefore you should not envision a born-again human being as a constant miracle-worker in all things. Nor should you think of him as someone with a so-called halo surrounding his head, as many saints are depicted in paintings. After the physical death of a born-again human being, no such signs of miracles will be discovered as the miraculous signs of holiness that are extolled, especially in the Roman legends of the saints. Neither is there any mummified imputrescibility of the departed body. Any reasonable person should ask himself what purpose that would serve. What would the blessed spirit of a born-again human being gain if, on Earth, he were bestowed with such wonderful but nonsensical distinctions? Human beings who have found the kingdom of God have none of these characteristics. However, My grace will be revealed through them whenever it is necessary.
Neither envision the born-again human being of My kingdom as some kind of monk, who is, as far as the world be concerned, completely (materialistically) dead, and who is occupied only with the rosary, the mass, and the litany, fasting, condemning sinners, and as one who views his impending burial site and coffin with amusement. Those are not the signs of rebirth; on the contrary, they are signs of darkness. The light of the born-again human being does not know the night-sides of life, because the light of day is everywhere within him.
The grave and coffin are not the symbols of a born-again who has found the kingdom of God, because there are neither graves nor coffins in the kingdom of God; for there are no dead. There you will find only resurrection and eternal life. The born-again being lives continuously in his spirit, and he reflects on the loss of his body no more than he does upon his death, just as a person would not consider his body to be dead simply because he takes off his coat in the evening. This is the reason why death no longer exists for a born-again human being. This is certainly a wonderful sign of rebirth, but it is only present within a human being, and it is not displayed externally and publicly.
All the other signs of rebirth are only on the inside, and are only recognizable when there is a need. He who has the gift of prophecy will receive it when he is in need, and he will ask Me beforehand, because no one but Me can prophesy. Whenever I place the words into the heart and upon the tongue of a born-again being, then will he prophesy; otherwise, he will speak like any other person. And that applies to any other gift as well.
Human beings with so-called second sight should not be considered to be born-again because of this ability alone, as this ability is only a consequence of their excitable nerves, through which the soul, by means of the nerve spirit, easily transfers visions of their soul-kingdom into the organism of their bodies. Strong nerves are not capable of that, and so human beings with strong nerves rarely have the so-called second sight. This should be considered as something neither good nor bad. It is more an ailment of the body, with which human beings usually become afflicted by all kinds of adverse incidents during the course of their earthly lives. Great sadness, long lasting fear, great shock, and the like are usually the cause, and sometimes artificial means such as magnetism, inebriation, and narcotization through narcotic herbs.
Second sight is, therefore, absolutely not a sign of rebirth. That may be gathered from the fact that these visionary people can only view utterly incoherent pictures without any orderly content.
The reason for this is that their spirits and souls are not yet connected with each other. In their visions there is no basis or connection, and that may be easily understood by everyone, whereas a born-again's representation of spiritual matters, even if it be only partial, will give proof of the proper spiritual reason and connection. Accordingly, such is also a sign of actual rebirth, and a significant difference to a person who has a mere vision. Therefore you must not expect childish miracles as a consequence of rebirth, but the natural fruits of a healthy spirit, and a soul that became healthy through this spirit.
The born-again knows that you cannot perform legerdemain with the gifts of the Holy Ghost. That is why he uses them only when absolutely necessary, usually in secret.
But whosoever may wish to be reborn in order to obtain such miraculous powers may rest assured that such grace will never be bestowed upon him.
Love for Me, great kind-heartedness, love for all human beings - all of these together comprise the proper signs of rebirth. But wherever these are missing, and whenever humility is not strong enough for every setback, a halo or cowl or spirit vision is of very little benefit. Such people are often farther from the kingdom of God than many of those who appear to have a very worldly view, because the kingdom of God never comes from external pomp, but from within, in all tranquility, in the human heart. Imprint this as deeply as you can into your mind; then you will find the kingdom of God much easier than you thought.
The visions of a born-again are the only true visions. All other visions will receive the proper interpretation when they are explained by a born-again spirit.
Everyone should reject the follies of worldly people; you should believe the word of a truly born-again being, since such a person will not speak of anything other than what he receives. The others, however, will speak only of what they themselves believe they know.
When such a person tells you that he speaks in the Name of the Lord, do not believe him; he speaks only in the interest of his own honor, and for his own advantage. But whoso may say, without self-interest and ambition, "That is what the Lord said!" - believe him, especially when he pays no attention to the reputation of a particular person, because only a born-again human being knows the reputation of the Lord.