Insights into the miracles of creation

- Chapter 7 -


March 19, 1842

inally, after we have become familiar with the negative polarity aspect of the animal, which is actually the material side, we will turn to the positive polarity side and give special attention to the main miracle of the little animal.
Whoever has seen a fly can hardly deny that the fly is alive, and rather will have to conclude, "This animal is not only alive but, as far as its life is concerned in the natural sense, it has more life than many other animals that are already on a much higher level of evolution." Yes, and finally he will state, "Truly, if I could keep my other abilities, I'd be the first to change places with the lazy life of the fly."
Thus, if man must give such testimony to an animal, no other proof is needed to prove that the fly is, indeed, completely alive.
The fly lives, this we already know, but how and why does it live, that, My dear little ones, is another question! For you to gain as much basic understanding as possible of this, it will be necessary to look at life itself first.
So read carefully: The freest life is only in Me, but this life is so constituted and is of such overwhelming perfection that, in its sphere, it can never be comprehended by any created being. Therefore, it is a holy life and, because it is a holy life, it is also an eternal and everlasting life.
Think of infinity as an area with a central point from which endless rays stream in all possible directions; the beginning of each ray is the central point, but the end is nowhere to be found.
Within this center, all the living power of infinity is united, and from this center proceeds into infinity. To prevent this living power from being dispersed too much so that it could become weaker within itself, it has created, throughout infinity, an endless number of life collection points for itself, in which life is intercepted then returned to its original center.
With this, My dear little ones, I have disclosed to you a very great secret! Yes, I tell you, a secret, which, as long as the earth has been inhabited by people, was known only to a few and then only vaguely hinted at.
As you understand this secret a little, the question will automatically arise, "Yes, but why does this have to happen? In His life, could God truly ever become weaker?"
I reply: Becoming weaker is quite impossible, provided God wants to remain alone and doesn't want to create or form anything in or out of Himself.
But if, following the need of His endless Love, He has created, for your comprehension and for many eternities, beings of such manifold variety, - from the most perfect spirit down to the most unimportant atomic animal, and has given life to all these endless beings, to each its own kind - now, tell Me, with what life did the Creator animate all these countless beings, sustains them still, and will sustain them in eternity?
Would there be a private life somewhere with which He animates all these beings without having to animate them from His own life? I feel that even a stone would not reach such a conclusion. Since the Creator has no such private life, it is clear that He animates all these created beings out of Himself.
Understandably, if all these creations, with their sustaining life, would move endlessly farther away from the center, the Central Power would, quite naturally, be lessened. Although the Life as such could never be lost, since it is an endless Life, it could become weaker, instead of always becoming stronger, because it would be subject to endless division.
So that you may understand this weakening of power more fully, consider the endless divisibility of matter itself, since one can still imagine endlessly more divisions in a single atom. But, does the atom become stronger or just the opposite with the never-ending division? Although one cannot obliterate the atom through continuous division, you must understand that the endlessly divided atom will no longer have the power it had prior to the division.
If you comprehend this even partially, another statement will follow, "Yes, if this is so, the Creator would have been better off had He not created anything at all!"
Instead of replying to you, I will ask something well known to many people.
Why do people who, from an early age, work hard - usually, or at least naturally - become stronger? That is question number one.
Question number two: Why does one gradually attach more weight to a horseshoe magnet?
Question number three: How does a person become an artist and a virtuoso?
Do you see the light yet from these meaningful questions?
Why does hammered metal become stronger and has much greater elasticity compared to that which has not been hammered?
Why is it that, the more storms a tree has withstood, the harder and more durable is its wood?
Understand and mark it well: why have there been so many stopping points of life established in infinity! Now, read and comprehend: So that the original eternal life can exercise itself more and more and, accordingly, increase its endless power! Because of this, the Life that emanates from the center returns to the center more perfect and more intensive than when it departed.
Once this concept is completely understood, My darlings, the first two questions, of "how" and "why" the fly lives, will have been as good as answered. As for "how" it lives, the answer is contained within itself, in that it is an established 'point of collection' for the life coming forth from the center, thus it collects and takes up the life from a large number of previous animals.
Thus the answer to the first question must already be evident to a blind man.
Now, it surely won't be difficult for anyone to determine in advance "why" it lives, namely: So that the total of its life makes the transition, returns again as a more complete, more intensive life, proceeding onwards and upwards to the soul of man, which is then capable of receiving the most intensive life from Me, which - as you know - can now fully unite with Me again into "one" power through Love!
Now, when you consider our little animal from this standpoint and do not cry out, "The fly, the fly, it sings to us of victory!" then you must be stricken with three-fold blindness and deafness.
But that which has been said about the animal's positive polarity should only serve as a useful introduction, so that you will better understand that which is still to follow. Consider it well, the following presentation will let you see in more detail the nature of this animal - and so with that, let us leave it again for today.