Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Back in Nazareth

- Chapter 113 -
Further details regarding the different nature of the biblical Gospels of Matthew and John.

he scribe Matthew, who followed Me at a certain distance in order to see what was going on, so that he could then record it, stepped up to Me and asked whether he was to record these events.
But I said, 'Leave that be, so that there may not be a mix-up later on. For the day after tomorrow we shall again be going towards the sea, where exactly the same will be happening and that you shall then describe in detail. Anyway, beginning with tomorrow you may record all that is extraordinary whatever that may be.'
Matthew is quite satisfied with this, but also John, who was particularly impressed by this deed, asks Me whether he may not make at least a short note of this deed also.
And I say to him, 'That you may do; however, it must not follow immediately upon that which you have so far written, but only at a later stage, for in six months we shall have to sort out still another affair exactly like this one, and that you may then record for this or this for that one.
It is not really important whether one or the other sign, which is very similar to a previous one, is written down or not, for that could easily cause confusion for the later followers of My teaching, and such confusions could then give rise to all kinds of speculations and doubts. This would then do damage rather than promote the main issue, which is solely My teaching.
As long as I and you, who can witness to the whole truth of the different signs, are living on this earth, any doubts can easily be prevented. But in later times, when, because of the freedom of man's will, only what was written shall bear witness to Me, the Scripture must be pure and well ordered, otherwise it would harm rather than be of any use.'
Says John, 'Lord, You my love. What You have just said is no doubt absolutely true, but would it not because of that be of great benefit if I, exactly like brother Matthew, recorded everything You do and teach?
For if in later time men would compare my records with those of Matthew and not find in mine what is recorded in Matthew's, would they not begin to speculate and doubt the authenticity of the whole Gospel and say, "Has there not been one Jesus who taught the same and no doubt did the same? Why did Matthew write this and John that, - things that differ, and yet both are said to have been with Him constantly?"'
Say I, 'You are quite right, dearest brother, but look, the reason why I allow this to happen is at present still incomprehensible to you. It will become clear later on.
What Matthew writes is specially for the benefit of this earth, whereas what you write is aimed at all of eternal infinity. For in everything you write there is veiled the purely divine, working from eternity to eternity through all the already existent creations and also through those that will in future eternities replace the now existing ones. And if you wrote into many thousands of books what I am still going to tell all of you, the world would never be able to comprehend such books which would then also be useless to the world. [Ref. John 21:25]
Whoever will live in accordance with the received teaching and believe in the Son will be reborn in the spirit anyway, and the spirit will guide him into all the depths of eternal truth.
Now you know the reason why I do not let you write everything; so do not ask Me any further about it in future. For this must never be made all too clear to the world to prevent it from falling into an even greater judgement than is the ancient, necessary one wherein it is already finding itself.
I will arrange My teaching in such a way that by merely reading or hearing the Gospel no one shall get to the bottom of the living truth, but only by acting in accordance with My teaching. Only the action will become a guiding light for everyone.' [Ref. John 7:17]