Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First mission of the messengers. Great teaching mission

- Chapter 140 -
About the spirit world in eternal, infinite space. The power of God's children in eternity.

sks Simon of Cana, 'Lord, would You not tell us where heaven, wherein the angels dwell, is actually situated, also how large it is and how large the world of matter, which You mentioned, might be?'
Say I, 'Friend, you are blind if you do not see and comprehend this. If I mentioned that heaven was endlessly vast, how can you ask about its size? The spiritual Kingdom of Heaven is everywhere as endlessly extended as this endless universe of which you can see with your eyes but an unspeakably tiny fraction.
This earth, the great sun, the moon and the stars all of which are immense worlds, some of them thousands upon thousand million times larger than this earth - all that taken together is - compared to the endlessly vast creation of the material world, in magnitude and vastness not even as much as the smallest dewdrop compared to the immense ocean which is so vast that a good sailor would need more than twice the age of Methusalah to sail over all of its area. However, the material world up to now, as much as has already been created, still has a limit beyond which there exists an infinite, eternal space compared to the absolutely endless expansion of which, in all directions, the entire aforesaid creation of the whole material world is like a moment compared to eternity.
Thus, the spirit world is quite as endless as infinite space that does not end anywhere.
Although space has nowhere an end in eternity and is thus truly endless in all directions, there is in its most endless depths and distances not a single spot where the spirit of God's wisdom and might is not as much present as now here among you. The true children of God, who will excel in proper love for God, the holy Father from eternity, and also in pure love for their neighbours, shall beyond in the great house of the Father obtain the might and the power to forever fill the infinite space with more and more new creations.
You, however, are still too ignorant and cannot grasp what I have now told you. But this I nevertheless tell you: No mortal eye can see nor ear hear and no earthly sense can ever grasp what beyond in the Kingdom of Heaven awaits those who become worthy of being called children of God.
For, before the eyes of true children of God the earths, suns and moons shall be floating like glimmering dust.
Therefore, do not be only hearers, but be doers of My Word.
Only the deed will let you recognise whether the words I have spoken to you, and am still speaking, are coming to you from the mouth of a man or from God's mouth.' [John 7:17]
But just as you are yourselves to be complete doers of My Word - if you are to be of an enlivening conviction as to Who is He that has given you this teaching and Commandment of love, so you are to also spurn on to the deed all those to whom you proclaim My Word, because as long as the Word merely adheres to the brain, it has no higher worth than the braying of a donkey, which also is audible.
Only when the word penetrates the heart does it become live, taking hold of the will, which is the focus of love, driving the whole man unto action.
Through such action a new man arises within the old and My word actually becomes new flesh and blood.
And only this new-man shall show you that My Words truly are of God, having today the same authority, power and effect as eternities of eternities ago; because everything you see, feel, smell, taste and hear is basically nothing other than God's Word.
He Who eternities ago out of Himself commanded the worlds, suns and moons to be, placing them in their extensive tracks, the Same is now placing you into new tracks of eternal life!
But I say to you furthermore that, he who receives you also receives Me; but he who receives Me receives also Him who sent Me unto you (Matt. 10:40) - which you ought to comprehend properly!