Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord at the home of Kisjonah, the tax collector, in Kis

- Chapter 149 -
Nathanael, keeping a Gospel privately and the Lord. About judgment day. Glorious promises for the awakened. 'Woe betide the opponents of My order'. 'He whom the Father has not drawn comes not to the Son' 'The Father is the love of the Son.' 'Come unto Me, all ye... that I may quicken you'.

athanael, who so to say made a spokesman among those left behind, since, without being called by Me, he kept a Gospel in the Greek tongue, which he commanded; and this a more comprehensive Gospel than of all those who undertook it, came over to Me in profound dread and said, 'Lord! You Almighty! I too received the vision, seeing the most dreadful things, so that even my graver failed me from fear! I beg You in the fullness of my love for You, Thou eternally holy One, tell me whether this shall in all earnest take place in the beyond once, as I and many just saw it?!'
Say I, 'Fear not, for you have nothing to fear! He who lives and acts like you shall in the beyond, as also here already, be awakened to life eternal; and everyone's judgment day shall be whenever awakened to life eternal, either here or in the beyond.
Let everyone therefore strive towards being awakened here already; because he who is awakened already in the flesh shall neither see, nor feel or taste the death of the flesh and his soul shall not be troubled.
But woe betide all these and the later opponents of My order! Verily these shall feel it a thousandfold Who He was Whom they tried to oppose, burdening Him and His witnesses with the curse!
I verily can say it and do so; for unto you I say: all things are given Me by My Father! But no man knoweth the Son, Who is I, but the Father; and just so, no man knoweth the Father, but the Son and he to whom the Son will reveal it.' (Matt. 11:27)
Says Nathanael, 'In that case not even we, Your most faithful disciples, know You for a long time yet, even though You have already revealed much to us about Yourself and Who You are?!'
Say I, 'You do indeed know Me to the extent I revealed and showed Myself to you. Yet you still lack much. But when you shall have recognised the Father, then you shall also get to know Me fully and this shall be when I shall have ascended from the earth back to My heavens. From there on the Father shall draw you up to Me, even as I drew you to the Father. And he whom the Father shall not draw, same shall not come unto Me, the Son. Verily, I say unto you; in that time all shall have to learn it from God themselves as to Who the Son is. And he who shall not be taught of God shall not come unto the Son and have life eternal out of Him.
But the Son is not harder than the Father; because that which is done through the Father's love, the same is done by the Son's love; and just as the Father's love is the Son, so the Son's love is also the Father.
But the Son speaks to you as to all men: come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I shall restore you. (Matt. 11:28)
Take My yoke upon you, learn of Me how to carry it and do as I do - for I am gentle and humble of heart, - then you shall have rest and all fear shall leave you. (Matt. 11:29)
For My yoke is easy and My burden light: for I know what ye are able to do.' (Matt. 11:30)