Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

On Mount Morgenkopf near Kis

- Chapter 154 -
The three angels (Cherubim) bring the twelve disciples to the Lord on the mountain. The heavenly meal of the eight hundred upon the mountain. Kisjonah's speech The book of 'Jehovah's wars'.

ll direct their eyes towards the East now where, as with the rising sun, it is getting ever brighter - only for the inner vision of course, although the eye of the flesh also is affected.
Finally, after some time of steady brightening in the East, shapes brighter than the sun appear, in perfect human form, floating towards us through the air. The light of these three angels who on account of their steadfastness, firmness and light are referred to by the general term 'Cherubim', the world of spirits nearly was eclipsed and the spirits seemed like alpine mists hovering about the mountain peaks.
When the three Cherubim had come into our midst, they dimmed their light and fell upon their faces before Me, saying, Lord! Who in the eternally endless heavens is worthy of beholding Your most holy countenance? To You alone all honour in eternity and infinity!'
But I said unto them, 'Veil yourselves and hasten down to a place where My twelve messengers are tarrying! They have fulfilled My will and it is enough; therefore fetch them and bring them here!'
That instant the three angels veiled themselves, departing quickly and bringing, in a few moments, the dispatched twelve to me on the mountain top.
The twelve, except for Judas, were filled with joy for having been brought to Me from a great distance in this miraculous fashion.
Only Judas said, 'Forever do I say thanks for such journey! It took only a few moments; but was I scared, and the draft!'
The angels had however allowed only Judas to feel this, whilst the other eleven felt none of all this.
This happening however made the rounds among the people verbally for a long time afterwards, namely, that the twelve disciples were brought to Me on the mountain from a great distance by the angels.
Upon the mountain nevertheless many began to fear, saying, 'By heaven, the goings on here are too miraculous - almost too hard to bear'.
Whilst the others said, 'This only Jehovah Himself can effect'.
But the twelve had much to tell about their experiences in the short time.
I however commanded the angels to procure bread and wine in proper quantities, as the twelve were hungry and thirsty, as they had not received to eat or drink for a whole day. And the angels at once did as I commanded them, bringing bread and wine in the right quantity. The twelve then took bread and wine and ate and drank what they needed and were fortified.
The five daughters however wanted to sample such bread and wine and asked Me for it. But Kisjonah chided them for being voracious, saying, 'To be voracious also is a sin; hence self-denial in all things is essential, otherwise man cannot achieve virtue, without which there can be no life.'
But I said, 'Friend, let this sin be forgiven your daughters for evermore; for sins which are basically no sins are easy to forgive. Your daughters are in all seriousness hungry and thirsty, and bread and wine there is aplenty for everyone here. And hence let all enjoy it in accordance with need, once the most needy twelve have been fortified'.
That put Kisjonah and his five daughters at ease. Whereupon I asked the twelve disciples to hastily hand out bread and wine, and they did so at once.
All in all, there were this time about eight hundred persons upon the mount, which had a spacious top, with a flat rock of about ten yards height jutting out of it, which also was easy to climb from the south. All ate and drank and were filled, lauding and praising Me for their being fortified so miraculously. And Kisjonah spoke down from the aforementioned rock, which he scaled to that end,
'Lend an ear, friends and brethren! We are conversant with Scripture, starting with Moses right up to our time, as also with the books of the 'Wars of Jehovah', which are mentioned by Moses and many other prophets, which we obtained from Persia, reading the translations, since they were endorsed by many wise men. But of all the miracles described therein, there is not one comparable to that now taking place before our eyes. Such is unheard of not only in Israel but the entire world! Who is it therefore that must be He Who accomplishes such deeds, which none besides God can accomplish for sure?!'