Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

On Mount Morgenkopf near Kis

- Chapter 162 -
Spiritual interpretation and correspondence of the Genesis of Moses.

o that you would not in this connection ask Me further as to what to make of the fifth and sixth day of creation, I tell you briefly that the ensuing creation of the animal world in aggregate, and lastly man himself signify nothing other than the coming alive in full and realisation of all that man harbours in his natural part.
His sea and all his waters come alive and man becomes aware of and glimpses within his now pure divine, uncreated light the countless and manifold fullness of the creative ideas and forms, and in this way becomes cognisant of his purely divine origin. And through the telling of the creation of the first human pair is signified the perfected humanisation or inheritance of the complete childhood of God.
Of course you are now secretly asking within your heart: yes indeed, all this is quite good, wise and glorious, and nobody can doubt in the least the fullness of the truth: how then did this earth, which surely could not have been present like this from all eternity, arise? How was it overgrown with grasses, herbs, bushes and trees of every kind? How and when did all the animals come into being?
And how did man become an inhabitant of this earth? Was it really just one human pair that was created, as in Genesis, or were men of diverse colour, form and character set down on this earth simultaneously?
To such not altogether unreasonable question I can only say as I said before, namely: If you are imbued with the wisdom of angels, then you shall in a retrospective sense be able to trace also the entire natural creation from the purely spiritual sense in which Moses speaks in Genesis, and shall discover that the natural creation in correspondingly extended periods of course arose almost exactly in the same order told in Genesis; with the emergence of the first human pair falling roughly into the same period and their test and propagation ultimately, but for a few exceptions, hidden in corresponding images, following in that very order told in the unfolding Genesis text.
But as said, in the absence of angelic wisdom you shall not discover this, were you to possess the wisdom of all the wise of the earth, who also had already exchanged the most diverse views and opinions on this subject.
But in this world, such knowledge is of no particular use to anyone in any case, since man rarely improves much in his heart through great knowledge, but rather worsens that much more usually. Because not seldom the erudite becomes proud and haughty, looking down from his imagined height upon his brethren with scorn, like a vulture upon sparrows and other small birds, as if these existed only for his catching and devouring of their tender flesh.
Seek ye therefore the kingdom of God and its righteousness in your heart before everything else, troubling yourselves little about anything else; because all these other things together with the wisdom of angels can be given you overnight. I trust that you have now fully understood Me!?