Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

On Mount Morgenkopf near Kis

- Chapter 166 -
Kisjonah's amazement and comprehension. About the creation of Adam. About the nature of man and woman. The fall of woman and its bad effect on man. Mankind's decline. About the Lord's Incarnation and salvation.

ays Kisjonah, 'Oh God, oh God. What depths of wisdom: who has ever heard anything like it? Verily, such exposition only God can give; here the wisdom of all the wise comes to fullest nothingness of all nothingnesses. No, this truly is too much all at once, for a poor mortal sinner in full measure like me.
Through this Revelation all of Genesis suddenly becomes clear and understandable, as if by magician's master-stroke, so to say!
Now I understand what it means: 'And God formed Adam as the first man of this earth from the clay of the earth.' - Out of His eternal order, God willed it that the spirits captive within the earth under judgment, from the more pliable clay of the earth build a body corresponding to their spiritual form, with which they can move freely, recognising their self and from that God, to freely subordinate themselves to the divine order, to attain to their primordially spiritual nature, namely to become perfectly pure spirits, hence like the primordial archangels!
Yes, indeed, now all becomes clear to me! And it says that woman was formed out of Adam's rib; how clear also this is! - Just as the mountains by correspondence are the more solid and hence more stubborn part of the earth and hence containing also the more stubborn spirits, just so the man's more stubborn part had, as it were, deposited itself in man's bones, which by correspondence relate to the earth's mountains.
The more tenacious spiritual, the more sensual, proud and arrogant elements of the man were by God's wisdom and might eliminated from him and represented in a female form similar to that of the man which, since it originates from the man, stands in a living correspondence with him and thereby, and through the procreative act, is capable of having a living fruit awakened within it, according to God's almighty will. And since a greater suffering has been imposed on her as the man's more tenacious spiritual part, she can perfect her spirit whereby according to Scripture it can happen, and also does, that finally man and woman become one.
For the expression that man and woman have then one body does not mean anything else but: Although the woman's nature is the more tenacious part of the man, through the comparatively harder trial it eventually becomes equal to his gentler spiritual part and that is what is meant by the expression that man and woman have one body. What do You, O Lord, say to this?'
Thereupon the Lord, 'That is absolutely good and true. This is how it is and thus the Scripture should be understood. Then it would be easy to talk to all men and act in their very best interest from the heavens. But by the second misuse of their free will people have deeply sunk into sensuousness. This is above all the case with women who have begun to abundantly adorn their from Satan inherited more attractive body and because of their selfishness have become inflexible, proud and resentful thereby decoying the gentler man who, in order to be granted a woman's favour, had to quite voluntarily and submissively to dance to her tyrannical tune and in the end even enjoyed being completely ensnared by her truly satanic cunning.
As a result he fell from all the heavens dawning within him, became ignorant, lascivious, selfish, vain and greedy for power and thus truly of the devil together with the woman.
From time to time the man was softly admonished by his spirit through the awakening of love for life, to read the Scripture and contemplate God's great works! Many also did that by first more or less freeing themselves from the snares of woman. But this did not help much because they no longer understood the Scripture; and since they themselves has become materialistic like the woman they promptly took the literal sense for fully valid and thus turned the Word of God into a monster and God's Temple into a den of thieves.
I tell you and all present: Things have advanced to a stage when all men would be completely lost if I, the Lord Himself, had not come into the world to save you from the yoke of Satan and his eternal perdition. And I Myself shall have to go to the greatest lengths in order to begin to raise only a very minor part of mankind to the proper light of the heavens.'