Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

On Mount Morgenkopf near Kis

- Chapter 169 -
Competition for warmth in the alpine hut. Occasion with the old blind descendant of Tobias. A special kind of heating. Fireworks on the alp. The angels' reprimand the derisory women. A Gospel on laughter.

fter these discussions we move into the big residential hut and many, especially the women and maidens, huddle around the fire. Some of the Jews however, who could also have done with a bit of warmth, were secretly annoyed with the women for completely obstructing the flames. And some of the disciples came over to Me to tell Me this, complaining and grumbling, but I chided them softly for such unseemliness; all but one calmed down.
But one, an obdurate Jew of Capernaum, grumbled continually, saying, 'Eh, what's the use talking? I was freezing almost unbearably already outside; now when I would warm up a little the women block off the fire and I am nearly stiff with cold! Down below not even in winter is it as cold as it had to get tonight at this height. And I am over seventy and of a cold disposition! I do not want to be churlish; tell the women therefore to make room for me at the fire!'
Say I to the old man, 'Do you not know that I could warm you also without fire if you had faith?'
Said the old one, 'Yes, Lord, I believe! For I have seen many of Your miracles and hence I believe that everything You say or will, happens.'
Say I, 'Then stand with the three men who came to us from on high two days ago, and you shall get warm at once.'
And the old man did so and he immediately became so hot that he could hardly bear the heat, thanking Me profusely for such favour; but because he is now too hot, he would like to cool down a little.
But I said, 'Do as you like, for I did not tie you up with the three men. Go outside, there you shall cool down quickly!'
And the old man went outside, but soon rushed back into the hut with a great cry of terror, 'Save yourselves, everyone for himself, the entire mountain is ablaze and the flames are drawing ever closer to this hut! For Jehovah's sake, we are all going to die!'
While the old man is thus lamenting Kisjonah, who had been outside for some time, enters and says to Me, 'Lord, You will forgive me that I have prepared a little celebration according to the custom of the alpine shepherds, since You told us this would be the last evening You are spending on this mountain. My shepherds have gathered brushwood in the forest, and now they have lighted the faggots in Your honour and are singing happy songs and psalms. Would You not like to have a look outside?'
Say I, 'Oh with pleasure, for I love you very much.' And I rose to My feet and went outside all the disciples followed Me.
But the woman laughed at the old Jew for earlier having seen the entire mountain ablaze and making such a fuss as if the whole world was perishing. The old man felt a bit ashamed and now bore the laughter of the woman quite patiently.
But I reprimanded the merry women and warned them. Thereupon the women - the five daughters of Kisjonah were not among them for they were engaged in preparing the evening meal in the large host's hut - asked forgiveness of Me and the old man and said that they definitely had not meant it badly.
The old man immediately forgave them from all his heart. But the three angels turned to the woman said, 'Listen to us, you women. This old man is a descendant of Tobias who was blind and to whom we restored his sight with the gallbladder of a fish. All descendants of this old Tobias, who was a grave-digger, have in their old age for some mysterious reason known only to God and to us through Him, weak eyes. We tell you that it is a gross offence based on a frivolous heart if someone ridicules a blind person instead of extending his hand and guiding him over footbridges and rough roads. If you had not known that the old man who is also called: 'Tobias' is more than half blind and you still laughed, you have sinned and deserve severe punishment. However, as he has forgiven you following your apology, also we shall forgive you.
But woe betide you if you should ever laugh at a disabled person. Then his complaint shall become yours.
Anyway, men should not laugh at all or only very seldom, for laughing is brought about through the awakening of gloating spirits dwelling in the human body.
A friendly pulling of the facial muscles from which an expression of a special goodwill can be recognised is heavenly whereas all other laughing usually stems from hell. For the devils always laugh when they have succeeded in one of their evil designs. In the heavens, however, no one ever laughs, but one is at all times filled with the most heartfelt and friendliest goodwill towards all ever so miserable creatures and compassion with every suffering brother who still has to go through his time on earth. Heed this for all future times.
Once men will be starting to laugh at their brother's' weaknesses, faith will be vanishing like the sun after setting and love in men's hearts will be cooling off as this night has cooled down and there will be misery among mankind the like of which as never before existed on earth.
Do heed this warning from the heavens. Punish your children when they laugh; hear them rather cry than laugh. For the laughing originates from hell which always abounds with derision.
There are situations where, however, only men are allowed to laugh at some silly matter and obstinate foolishness, but then the laughing is a well-deserved punishment for the one who deserves to be ridiculed.
But if someone laughs only for fun and seeks things, events and ridiculous talk to be provoked to laughter, he is a fool. For only the heart of a fool can be provoked to laughter; every reasonably wise person can easily and soon comprehend life's sacred earnestness and he will not easily laugh about something.
Therefore, do not laugh anymore in future and turn your face away from clowns and comedians who let themselves be paid for preparing you for hell. Be always of a calm heart, so that you may merit God's goodwill and thereby true honour.
These words made a great impression upon the women and they vowed never in their whole life to laugh again.