!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Again in Kis

- Chapter 202 -
Further hints on ministry and conduct for the Sycharites, 'Teach firstly through good deeds and then with simple words'. The truly free church. 'Ye all are brethren'. The right Sabbath. A proper 'House of God', and 'Divine Service'.

he Lord, 'If you two have now understood this then return home soon with your angels, and there do according to My word, and all the unpleasantness there shall soon take on a different aspect.
But there you must not make your appearance as angry judges but as truly wise teachers and friends of the blind, deaf and dumb, and they shall then let themselves by guided by you.
Who would advisedly turn angry to a blind one stepping on his foot? Withdraw your foot from the blind one's step, and you shall not be trodden upon.
If however you see a blind one near a precipice, then rush over, grab him and bring him to safety, leading to the light which heals every soul blindness, and he shall become your most thankful friend and brother.
If however, when teaching the people in My name, then always do as I do, first through good deeds and then with plain and simple words, and you shall therewith soon count many true disciples.
But if you dress yourselves up in mysteries way beyond the stars, and try to impress upon men that you are called of God to judge, bless or curse them, and besides that get angry if My angels don't want to support you therein, then it must be clear to you that such conduct is not at all My will as revealed to you, but that you have created a new order and from this tried to build a safe church in place of the old Mosaic one, before which your lambs were to bend their knees already from afar.
Behold, thus it was with the mosaic church, and when it had been fenced in, it did not bring any or only little, and usually stunted, fruit.
I am now giving you a completely free church that does not need any other fencing than with everyone his very own heart wherein the spirit and truth are dwelling and where alone God wants to be recognised and worshipped.
Because I gave you My Spirit first, you shall not imagine yourselves by a hair's breadth better than any other person, and you shall not make any particular office of this gift as is done by the heathens and the twice as dark Jews and Pharisees for there is but One who is your Master and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters, and there shall never be any discrimination among you.
Thus there shall not be any rules among you, and you shall not observe any particular days or times as if they were better or worse as if God had laid down only certain days on which He wants to hear your prayers and accept sacrifices. I tell you: With God all days are equal and the best among many is the one on which you have done a truly good deed for your neighbour. And thus only your deed shall in future determine the true and sole Sabbath day pleasing to God.
On whatever day you will be doing a good deed, that will be the right Sabbath which is considered by God, but the usual Jewish Sabbath shall be an abomination in God's eyes.
However, if you wish to erect a so-called house of God, then build hospitals and homes to care for your poor brothers and sisters in which you serve them with all they need. Thus you will perform the truest divine service which will be most pleasing to the Father in heaven.
By such a genuine and solely true divine service one will recognise that you are truly My disciples.
Do go home now and act accordingly, then your work will be blessed.'