Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Again in Kis

- Chapter 203 -
An admission of guilt. The true spirit of Jesus' pure teaching. Further hints on ministry and conduct. Jonael's song of praise to the Lord.

fter these extensive instructions, the two say, 'Lord! Forgive us our sin! For now we clearly see that actually we, rather than the people, are at fault, and with Your grace and help we shall put matters right where possible!
Only now have we discovered the true spirit of Your most holy doctrine, and shall endeavor to eagerly spread same to the people. But many have gone over to the heathens, and we hardly know how to win them back! What shall we do?'
Say I, 'Do with them as I do with the heathens, and they shall be your disciples, together with the heathens.
Behold, this house too is now a heathen one, having for a lengthy period already embraced the doctrines of the Greek wise men, and yet it is now more on My side than ever a house was in Jewry! Do likewise, and soon more heathens than Jews shall rally around you.
For, he with an empty stomach more avidly consumes a meal than a person with full stomach, especially when the stomach already is quite spoilt, as is that of the Pharisees and Scribes.'
Say the two, 'What shall become of those who cursed Your name for the sake of their worldly goods not being taken from them?'
Say I, 'He who has fallen, him raise and lead unto the right path, that he may become aware of his sin and repent committing it! Let this be your special charge.
I have not come to judge and destroy this world, but to seek what was lost and raise up the fallen! If you know that now, then go and do so!'
After these words the two bowed down deeply before Me and asked Me if they could remain with Me for a few days.
I gave them My approval, saying, 'Although I said to you beforehand that you can now return home, I wanted to therewith indicate the willingness of your heart and its comprehension, rather than to directly return to Sychar by a specific time; and so you are welcome to tarry here for a few days, which I shall be still spending here with My friend.'
The two, quite happy with My advice, gave Me thanks and honour, and Jonael, deeply stirred emotionally, said, 'Oh earth! You aged field of weed, thorns and thistles! You life's dark tomb - deliverer of sin and death! Are you indeed worthy of the Lord your God and Creator's walk upon you, with His own most holy feet, breathing in your pestilential air and partaking of your evil fruits?
We humankind, together with the animals and plants, are not worthy enough for His glance! It all is endless grace and mercy!
Hence let everything get up and praise Him forever!
And you stars up there upon high heaven, veil your unholy countenance; for it is God Your Creator upon Whom you are looking down from your height, haughtily!
Oh earth, what has become of you? What name shall be given you - not on your own account but on account of Him Whom you most unworthy one now are carrying?
Ah, the more I think about Who it is that is tarrying here among His chosen, the tighter my breast. How in any case ought this limited one to contain what all the heavens and angels are unable to do!
Oh, you holy of all holy times on earth, where that One now dwells Who gave the light to sun and moon and determined their grand way of His love and wisdom and to give the earth its time, night and day!
Wherefore let all praise the Lord of glory from all the heavens, for His alone is all praise, honour, tribute and love of eternal infinity!'
On hearing such exclamations, the disciples say, 'Do You not hear Jonael's praise, as if David's spirit had taken possession of him?'
Say I, 'I indeed hear his praise, and am well pleased therewith; from yourselves however I have not as yet received such; but it should not at all harm you if at times you really gave thought to Who He is that speaks to you now! But let us now take a little rest, as the middle of the night is long past.'
After these words, all quietens down around the hill, and most are given over to sleep. Only Jonael and Jairuth are deeply immersed in all kinds of considerations, and are quietly praising Me.