Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

In Cana in the valley

- Chapter 216 -
Philopold's unassuming and commendable talk. The Lord's grace-filled reply. Two varieties of men upon earth - from below and from above. Reason for the Lord's Incarnation upon earth. 'The last will be the first'. Behavioral hints for the healed. Hints for Matthew and John as scribes. About the current New Revelation.

n coming over to Me, Philopold said, 'Lord, I have sinned without limit against You, but only my great blindness was responsible for this. But now that You oh Lord, made me see in the most miraculous way, and I recognise Who You are, I beg You for the sake of Your eternal love and wisdom that You would forgive me a poor, blind sinner, the transgressions I have committed against You and my neighbors, as you pointed it out to me before. Had I written down Your holy Word, then by all the heavens, not even a dot over the i should have remained unfulfilled. But I believe myself to have memorised Your will and shall follow it to the letter. You paid off all our debts with Kisjonah, and healed all our sick miraculously, without charge and all this You did ahead of any due request; and I therefore believe that You will not cast off a begging sinner.'
Say I, 'I say unto you, you are accepted! For he who comes shall be accepted. But go and first put your affairs in order as specified by Me; then come and follow Me, for you are not to cling to this world, as you are not of this world or from below, but from another world, and hence from above.
Because, of all those you count as around Me, there are some from your world; others from another light-world, and only a few from this world. And these few don't mean much, for the world still matters more to them than I! Hence they are capable of only little or nothing.
I selected this earth however because its children are the last and lowliest throughout all of infinity, and hence I put on the garb of the deepest lowliness, to make it possible for all the creatures of My most endless Creation to come unto Me; from the lowliest planetary inhabitants to those of the highest arch-primordial central suns, all are to be enabled to come unto Me along the same path.
Hence let it not astonish you that you meet Me on this most imperfect and last planet of My entire Creation! For it is I Who want it thus; who therefore is to prescribe to do it differently?'
Says Philopold, 'Lord, whoever would want to or could give You advice, if he believes and recognises that You are the Lord from eternity? But now I shall depart, in order to attend to Your holiest will immediately.'
With these words, Philopold rushes off, together with all the local chiefs; but whilst quite a few Jews accompany them, to see what the Greeks would work out on their behalf, I Myself am instructing the healed on how to conduct themselves in future, in order not be re-visited by their old maladies.
Everyone received this teaching gratefully, and they thank Me also most ardently for the great favour bestowed upon them.
I however command them, one and all to tell no stranger what they had seen and heard here and to as it were betray Me before time, the non-keeping of which would cause them to fare badly. But they all promised that no other place shall find out.
I then let them go and also tell the disciples not to make known this deed anywhere outside Kis. And to Matthew's query regarding whether to record this matter, I reply, 'No! Because you as My closest witnesses indeed can bear and also grasp it. But if everything I do and say before you were recorded in books, the world not only would not comprehend such books, but on the contrary be offended beyond measure, and denounce you below every carcass on earth! Hence nothing should be recorded by you, Matthew, other than what I expressly direct you to record. [John 21:25. the publisher]
Says for once also John, 'But Lord, my purest love. This would all be fine. But if once with time the world is handed down only fractious original documents about Your presence and action in this world, then it shall go over into all doubts about Your Being and operation and regard such fractions as the work of mere priestly self-interest.'
Say I, 'This is however exactly how I want it to be for the actual world, which is Satan's house; for regardless of whether you cast corn or the most precious pearls before swine, it shall do the same with the pearls as with the corn.
Hence it is better to present the thing to the world fully veiled, whereupon the latter is free to wrestle with the husk, within which the living corn remains unharmed.
When once nevertheless it becomes necessary, I shall indeed awaken men and reveal to them all that took place here, and what the world can expect on account of its incorrigible wickedness.
But how all this shall take place I shall, My brother John, once reveal to you for the rest of the world in veiled images while still in this world, when I shall again be dwelling in My heavens.
But now the Greek and Jewish local chiefs are returning from town; we shall see how they attended to My request.'