Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

New events in Kis

- Chapter 235 -
The Chief Judge Faustus and the Lord. Great friends and moving encounter.

ays the Kis Judge, 'Friend, the renowned Jesus of Nazareth has been staying here for three weeks already, intermittently, and shall be probably spending a few more days here. I say unto you, he is a god to whom all ever so hidden things are as clear as the sun, of which he has given us hundreds of living demonstrations; what if we should now turn to him in this matter? He could give us a mighty light, and that even more because he is by no means a friend of the black thieves and robbers, on account of the Temple's contemptuous manipulations. For I heard with my ears how he condemned Chorazim and Capernaum, ie, their respective priests and Pharisees, down to basest scum. Wherefore I am convinced that through him we would get to the bottom of this.'
Says the Chief Justice with astonishment, 'What? This God-man is here?! Well, well, why has none of you told me straight away? Verily, I should have immediately let Him conduct the trial in my stead, and saved myself three quarters of the work. Would you take me to Him quickly, for the centurion Cornelius, only recently, urgently advised me to at the earliest opportunity make inquiries about this godliest of all men, and to let him know at once.
If the centurion finds out with certainty about Jesus' staying here, then he shall be here rapidly with his entire family. For he and his entire household actually worship this man, and I myself stand firmly with them on this. All praise to a true God for the unspeakable fortune, to for once see and speak with my most pure, celestial friend Jesus! Take me to Him immediately, immediately. All is won now!'
Even whilst the Chief Justice is going towards the big house, fervently longing to see and speak with Me, I am coming to meet him; and on seeing Me, he shouts with joy, 'Here, but here you are, You my most godly friend and brother, if I can still call You so.
Oh let me embrace You and cover Your holy countenance with a thousand friend and brother kisses! Oh, You my holy friend You! How unspeakably happy I now am that I have You again at last. Verily, wherever men find themselves in greatest distress, there You are at hand to help them. Oh, I can't help myself for joy at finding You here.'
Say I, firmly pressing him to My heart, 'Greetings to you too, endlessfold. For in spite of the burdens of your Judge's office, your heart has not been shipwrecked, whence I love you also constantly beyond measure, and fully bless your works.
Verily, for the fact that you got to the bottom of this wicked tax robbery, you can thank only Me, and Him Who dwells in Me!
But let us now go inside, where a plentiful evening meal awaits us. We shall talk more about this after the meal.'