Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Near Sychar at Jacob's Well

- Chapter 28 -
Continuation of the scene: The spirit's healing power in a believer.

ays the woman, 'Yes, sir, now you have spoken more clearly. But tell me: Are you no longer thirsty and do you not want to drink from the water-jar of a sinner?' Say I, 'Dear woman, never mind about that for, behold, I do prefer you to your jar and your water. When earlier I asked you for a drink, I did not mean from your jar, but from your heart in which there is a much more delicious water than in this well and your jar. With the water of your heart you can also heal your whole body, for that which I find pleasing in you will heal you if you can believe.'
Says the woman, 'O sir, how can I mange to bring the water from my heart to my private parts? Forgive me, sir, that I use such frank language with you, but I am a miserable woman and misery does not know modesty as such, it knows only itself and loosens the tongue according to the extent of the exigency. If I were not as miserable as I am, I would truly offer you my heart. But as things are - O God, you holy Father, help me! - I am miserably sick and must not add to my many sins, for to offer such an impure heart to a pure man as you must be would surely be the greatest possible sin.'
Say I, 'My dear woman, not that you would offer your heart to Me, but I have taken it Myself when I asked you for a drink of water. Therefore, you may offer me your heart, for I accept also a Samaritan's heart. If you love Me, it is good for you, as I loved you already long before you could think of Me.'
Here the beautiful woman blushes and says, somewhat embarrassed, 'Since when do you know me? Have you ever before been in this town or in Samaria? In truth, I have never caught even a glimpse of you anywhere. Oh, pray tell me, when and where did you see me? Do tell me!'
Say I, 'Neither here nor in Samaria or any other place, yet I already know you since your birth, even much earlier, and I have always loved you like My life. How do you like that? Are you happy about My love? Behold, when at the age of twelve you fell into a cistern, it was I who pulled you out. But you cold not see the hand that lifted you from the cistern. Do you still remember that?'
Here the woman becomes quite confused and does not know what to say, for quite a fire has already kindled in her heart and her love keeps growing visibly.
After her heart has been active for a while, I ask her whether she knows anything about the Messiah who is to come.

(John 4:25) Says the woman: "I know that the Messiah is coming who will be called Christ. When He comes He will (surely) tell us everything (that you have now told me)?"

Now the woman, her cheeks still flushed, says with great emotion, 'Lord, you wisest prophet of God, I do know that the promised Messiah is to come and that His name will be Christ. When he comes, will He not be able to proclaim to us only what you have now told me? But who will tell us when and whence the Messiah will be coming? Maybe you who are so very wise can give me some more detailed information about the coming of the Messiah. You see, we have been waiting already for a long time, but not a word can be heard anywhere about the Messiah. You would do me a great favour if you would tell me when and where the Messiah will definitely come to save His people from its numerous enemies. Oh do tell me if you know it! Maybe the Messiah would also have mercy upon me and help me if I entreat Him?'

(John 4:26) Jesus says to her: "I am He, I who am speaking to you now."

Say I to the woman briefly, but with loving earnest, 'It is I, I who am speaking to you now!'