!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Aphek

- Chapter 91 -
Departure to Aphek.

he speaker said: "O Lord and Master of eternity, we all understood it very well, because You spoke to us in a pure, well understandable language, but we also realize that we are still very far away from the real goal of life and that we still will have many a battle with ourselves and with the other people of this world."
I said: "Your words are very correct and just, because for the sake of My name you will have to endure many persecutions and slander of the world. But do then not loose your patience and courage, and fight with all love and meekness against the enemies of the truth and of the light from the Heavens, then you will acquire the crown of victory.
Only, do not give up the real love in your heart, for it endures everything and will finally conquer everything. If you will act and walk in love together with Me, you will be able to walk over snakes, salamanders and scorpions, and their poisonous bites will not be able to harm you. And when they will give you poison to drink, it will not make your bowels sick. And I, the Lord, say 'amen' on this, so it is and so it will remain for everyone who truly stays in My love.
But the one who will also, besides My love, make eyes at the world from time to time, will also not be safe for all the damage of the worldly poison.
If someone really loves Me and keeps My commandments that are light, I will come to him when he always very actively wishes and desires it in his heart, and I will reveal Myself to him and give all kinds of power and might to him to fight against all malicious spirits of the world and Hell, and then they will not be able to harm him. And now you know still better what you can expect from Me.
The one who will not forsake Me, I also will not forsake, and the one who will fight together with Me against the world and Hell, can also always be sure of victory."
When I had said that to the pagan priests, they all thanked Me with great enthusiasm in their heart for this teaching and the promise that was directly connected to it. They stood up from their seats and wanted to go to their stronghold to put everything in order there to proclaim My teaching and Me in a worthy manner to the gentiles.
But I said to them: "Friends, for what you already want to do now, there still will largely be time enough tomorrow. Stay here for now and partake of the midday meal with us, and strengthen yourselves with that.
I Myself will leave from here after the meal with My disciples and your captain, and then you can continue your conversation about Me with the innkeeper and his 2 neighbors, and prepare yourselves how you already some time tomorrow can talk about Me to the inhabitants of this city and its environment."
When the pagan priests and the several prominent citizens heard that from Me, they once more gave thanks for this proposal and went to sit at their table again, where the well-prepared food and a right quantity of bread and wine were immediately put on it, and soon also on the other tables. I also went to sit at our table again, and we all partook of the meal in a cheerful mood.
Immediately after the meal I stood up with My disciples, as well as the captain with his daughter who was in the kitchen during the time that we spoke with the pagan priests, where she very actively participated with the preparation of the midday meal.
The innkeeper brought once more his wife, his children and also his personnel to Me and asked for My blessing. And I blessed all those who were in the house, also the pagan priests and the citizens and of course also the 2 neighbors with their whole family for which they all thanked Me very emotionally.
Then I said to the captain: "Now we will go to Aphek, but not along the main road but along a footpath in order not to cause a sensation with the inhabitants who have settled themselves along the road."
This was good to the captain, and in this manner we left for Golan and reached the mountain city Aphek towards the evening.