Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 117 -
Sick ones arrive at Ebahl's. The Jerusalem guests in their mission

few moments later thins become lively in fromt of the house. One could hear all sorts of languages whilst the Greek neigbour's dogs started making a big racket, and Ebahl said:"Woe us, the announced appear to be here already!"
Says I: "Not yet. These are sick ones (Matt. 14:35), but it shall not be long before the announced arrive here! The sick shall tarry till tomorrow notwithstanding, for enough of them were healed to-day. But go out nevertheless and have the arrivals brought to an inn, and give those who hunger and thirst something to eat and drink!"
Upon these word Ebahl and his summoned domestics at once go out to his courtyard, finding same crammed with all kinds of sick, among them Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. All of these are asking for Me, that I would heal and make them whole.
But Ebahl allocated them an inn and had them cared for each according to need. After this business he returned to our hall, saying: "All praising to Lord. These would be taken care of for to-day, causing me little effort and work; if only the announced goblins from Jerusalem could already be similarly dealt with! But with this we won't get away so easily.
Even while Ebahl, who had set up guards on account of the arriving Pharisees and Scribes, was moping thus half aloud, a servant already entered the hall, announcing the arrival of those same ones, to Ebahl's shock. Ebahl rushes out ot welcome them, together with his two wives and older daughters who follow to his support, and Ebahl's sons do the same, with only dear Jarah staying with Me.
The Centurion however who also sat next to Me, said: "If I was in Ebahl's place, I should know quite well what to do now! I would order my subordinates to properly flog these fellows! What could they do to him? And this would not be the first such welcome they received here and there! I would proceed with them in quite a brief fashion! And if they should come in here them I shall nevertheless put them through a scrape that should make them tremble physically and physically as if gripped by pestilential fever! I shall ask them on whose authority they approached a place under Roman occupation in darkest night; I shall show them how every district commander has the authority to arrest anyone, regardless of status or persuasions, and if unable to account for his transgression, hand them over to the court's severity! Although not carrying it out in actuality, I shall put the fear over their wicked heads, that the sweat of fear shall run down to their heels!"
Sat I: "Friends, you do as you will, and no barriers shall be set you on My part; but if you are going to assert your authority here then you have to step out now and transact such outside with them, by summoning some of your subordinates!"
Says the Centurion: "Lord, leave that to me, as I know how to implement my laws and authority everywhere!"
With these word he summons a deputy, standing guard in the courtyard, who steps inside at once requesting the Centurion's orders.
But the Centurion said to him: "Despatch the runner to the camp fort with, and the deputy is to send me thirty men here without delay!" - The watchman leaves the room instantly, and in ten minutes already thirty men together with the deputy step into the hall, unnoticed by Pharisees resting in the street and receiving their respects. The deputy asks the Centurion what is to be done.
Says the Centurion: "Not much right now. Only a certain degree of discipline is to be maintained which strangers are to observes; and should Roman camp regulations be unfamiliar to them then we shall impress it upon them. Hence dispart a quiet and earnest manner, and closely attend to my words. Fait!"
Soon thereafter Ebahl flings the hall-doors open and twenty Pharisees and Scribes enter. It is obvious that the twenty had a great many escorts with them, as well as donkeys and mules for moving their many chattels; the escorts, animals and luggage had to be looked after. On their full entry the Pharisees and Scribes at once scanned the hall crowd, asking the innkeeper what the Roman military were doing here.
Says Ebahl: "It must have gotten around that you would arrive here, and they came to pay you their proper respects."
Says one of the Pharisees: "That doesn't look at all like the Romans! But let it be as will - we are hungry and thirsty, so let food and drink be brought!"
Ebahl at once sets all feet and hands in the house moving except Jarah's, and in a few moments a large table is well set.
The Pharisees was their hands and then tuck into it. In a short time all is consumed and sixty beakers of wine drunk. The wine makes them talkative and they start making all sort enquiries, soon giving the reason for travelling here, asking about Me and saying:"Do you know nothing here about a vagabond supposed of Nazarene birth? This person, probably a carpenter by trade is supposed to do unheard-of magic, spreade a new divine doctrine, heals the sick, exorcise spirit and stirs up the people against the Temple and against the emperor. On his account we are on our way to Nazareth, to examine this thing there. Since he is however supposed to beat about in all of Gallilee, you might be more closely informed about him here!"