Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 126 -
The Lord's cautioning against the Templers' cunning.

hen these provers and examiners were over hill and dale, the Captain said: "Lord, these will hopefully keep their silence. For these three oaths may hold out! By the way it is fully true that I do find out within eight days whatever any one of them may have said to anyone ever so secretly; besides that, their belief is stronger than my widely spread scouts, and their great fear is their taskmaster. Here I vouch for it that none of them shall divulge to anyone even a syllable of what they experienced here!"
Say I: "Yes, they shall keep silence, but that much greater shall be their inner rage: for what they encountered here in fullest measure none of them shall ever forget. But let you all take precautions, for their inner malice is great and knows no bound! In their hearts devils reside, and for these no means are too malicious when it comes to take revenge against the offender! Hence be careful! These are now going to brood and brood! The testimony they had to signed is still the best binding means! On account of that they shall indeed keep their silence; but thy are going to send more scouts of evil to breathe down your necks than your witness against them, and they shall engage in false witness against you; hence be on your guard, for it is why I told you!"
Says the Captain: "Lord thank you from the fullness of my heart for this warning! Knowing this now, every stranger shall in future feel peculiar premonitions, especially Jerusalemites coming to this district! Verily, burning coals shall be stoked over his head! Only one ever seized, and a second shall forever abandon his intentions to become the devil's informer!"
Say I "Indeed, indeed, hence be on your guard, for this generation is externally complaint as doves but internally more poisonous than an Egyptian curly-tail grass snake! They shall be coming in all shapes an speak this and that tongue, once as Persian merchants, then as Greeks and Egyptians as well as Romans, and shall be hard to distinguish from true citizens of these nations. But on close examination you shall discover of what spirit they are!"
Says the Captain: "Oh, many further thanks to You oh Lord! Now I know what I shall have to do in future: and should a questionable case arise then I am sure You will permit me to call upon Your supremely holy and mighty name and say: 'Oh great, almighty spirit of My Lord and Master Jesus! Enlighten my heart so that there would be light in it!' and You are sure to hear such call to the end of the world!"
Say I: "Ah, friend and brother, stay in Me like that and My spirit shall be in you for your help every day and night!"
Says Jarah, standing next to Me: "But Lord, You are speaking as if You were leaving us soon!" I beg You to stay with us a few more days; for you are My life! How could I live without You? You must stay here, I won't let You leave here! I would have to die without You!"
Say I in the most friendly fashion: "Oh My most beloved Jarah, you I shall not leave eternally! And if on account of My ministry I have to leave here personally for a few days I still shall remain with you in spirit, and you shall speak to Me and I shall give you well audible answers to your every question; of this you can be certain! - Do you comprehend that?"
Says little Jarah: "Yes, my most beloved Lord Jesus, this I understand very well, knowing that nothing is impossible to You; but I would still prefer if You also stay longer with us in person. For behold, everything looks so transcendent and celestial when You are with us; I cannot imagine heaven more beautiful and glorious. Hence You have to stay with us few days longer. Personally as a favour to me!"
Say I: "Well yes, it is not possible to deny anything to such love, especially when she has chosen the best part! Be of good cheer, for your love shall not be forsaken!"
This cheers up Jarah fully, where after she bounds over to Ebahl, saying: "Look father Ebahl, the Lord stays with us, and that forever!"
Says Ebahl: "My dear child, this is an immense grace for us of which no one of us is worthy; for He is a Lord of Heaven and earth! What He does and intends doing remains hidden in His eternal, unfathomable counsel, according to which every hair upon our head is counted like the sand of the sea, and we humans can change none of that. But this I also believe, that He to Whom a thousand years is like a day, staying with us one day longer or less shall not make any difference. Hence hang onto Him and don't let Him go, for among us all He loves you most!"
Says Jarah: "O, I will hold onto to him and never let go of Him!"