Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 127 -
The Lord speaks about the spirit of love.

uietly I approach her from behind, pick her up from the floor and say: "But you My most beloved little child, how do you intend to hold Me? I am then much stronger than you!"
Says the little one when putting her back on the floor: "I know this quite well that You are endlessly stronger than me, nearly not a little mosquito before You; for You are carrying with Your almighty willpower heaven and earth and holds the sea in its depth; how should I compare my strength to Yours?! However, what I mean, is, that You, since I love You so indescribable much, for the sake of my love for You, You will stay a little beyond the time!"
Say I: "Yes, you are quite right again; for with love one can achieve everything with Me! The love for you humans has drawn Me to this earth! However, who has love like you, can of course do with Me what he wants! Since such love is My very spirit in the hearts of people. And what such requires and wants, comes from the deepest depth of the divine order and therefore you can hold Me with your heart quite nicely and I will never ever separate Myself from your heart!
However, My visible body is not important, but only My spirit! What I do, behold, is not accomplished by Me as a person, but only by My spirit; nevertheless, for your sake I will stay a few days longer, - for tomorrow is Sabbath and the day thereafter post-Sabbath! For those two days I will stay longer, but I will move on, namely to Sidon and Tyre, - however, I will then return and possibly stay with you for half of winter."
Completely delighted says the little one: "O, all praise to God the holy Father! Now I am quite content!"
All admired the twelve year old little maiden and were astonished about its mind. And an elder said: "O, this is a special grace from God! In this tender skin hides an angel of God! Her body and spirit are testimony for it."
Says another: "Certainly! The girl only counts twelve and a half years; but she looks like a maiden of sixteen years! Her body is completely developed and her soul leaves nothing to wish for. She truly has head and heart at the right place! Lucky him who one day will take her in his house as a wife!"
Jarah hears this and says: "A heart who loves God, does not require a selfish bridegroom; since it is already guided as bride into the house of God! I know to love people in their suffering and do good to the poor at every hour by day and night; but the certain love of a young man I do not know and will never get to know it, - except his heart is filled with the purest love for God like mine!"
Says another old Jew: "Be careful little maiden! Your speech sounds good, as if coming from the mouth of an angel; however, you nevertheless consists of flesh and blood, and when one day your years will come, then you will find out whether flesh and blood do not have anything to say in a person!"
Says Jarah: "That man is not a God, I know already since my earliest years; however, a person can through the right love for God become a master of his flesh and blood, because of the certain help from God. However, whom God helps, He helps him all the way and not only half, what you have experienced this morning at your own sick flesh and blood! For this was not human help, but the help of God!" - After these words of Jarah the elders fall silent and nobody dared to reply to her with another word.
But I say to Jarah, taking her hand: "You have done well! You already speak like a fully matured prophet!"
Says dear-smiling Jarah in a soft voice to Me: "It is easy to speak prophetically in Your presence if You put the words in ones heart! If I had spoken out of myself, indeed, a lot of stupidities would have come out!"
Say I also in a soft voice: "Could be so My most beloved Jarah! But from now on you will always be able to speak so wisely, but beware not to become unfaithful to Me if you grow older!"
Says Jarah: "Lord, if this would be possible, then rather let me die!"
Say I: "Now, now, it will be impossible, indeed!?"
Says Jarah, clinging firmly to My middle and pressing Me to her chest: "Yes, such must be forever impossible! Since then one would become insane for giving a pound purest gold for a pound stinking mud!"
Say I: "Then you still attach some value to gold?"
Says Jarah: "Yes, to gold of the soul everything! The earthly gold I only have mentioned as an example."
Say I: "Now, now, I do have understood you; but since I love you so much, I must tease you a little!"
Says Jarah: "O, just keep on teasing me, I therefore will not love you less! For I know this quite well that God burdens those people whom He loves most with all kinds of suffering! So, if you really start to tease Me, only then you will really love Me!"
Say I: "O you My dearest little child, such pure hearts like yours, God never teases, but only those who indeed love God very much, but nevertheless at the same time also flirt with the world; with those God uses all kind of banter to drive the world-love out of their hearts, so that their hearts become completely pure. - Do you understand this?"
Says Jarah: "O lord, honey of My heart, this I understand quite well!"