Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 139 -
A look at stellar world order.

ay I: "Behold, this palace is a chief lecturer's dwelling in this area you have already seen. All yonder school huts are under his supervision, and the objects swimming upon the lakes are employed at certain times for instruction in higher wisdom. But the way this dwelling is, there are many hundreds of thousands just upon the central equator of this light world, besides an enormous number of cities of the greatest variety. Beside this equator, of the smallest variety that you are seeing, there are another seventy-six additional equatorial belts of which each has its peculiar set-up. This world, like the previous, actually are two suns like the one giving the earth its light, with the difference that the one seen first is a thousand times bigger than the sun of our earth, Whilst the one you are now seeing is four thousand times so. But our sun is a thousand times a thousand times bigger than this whole earth.
The men of this earth nevertheless still have a completely faulty concept of these earth and the sun and moon and all the stars; but when at a more remote time they learn to calculate more accurately, then they shall also gain more appropriate concepts about the heavenly bodies within the endless creation space.
But you may know that around every such sun, earths like the one we stand on are orbiting at various distances, and that several of these earths have satellites constantly accompanying them, like the moon around our Earth! Each sun has as many equatorial belts as the number of related planets it supports, with the exception of the central sun, which are destined for the maintenance and guidance of planetary suns, and are by a thousand times a thousand times ten thousand times (i.g. ten trillion times, the translator) bigger than the suns you have now seen.
Such central sun no longer is divided into equators (equatorial belts) but into as many zones upon its surface as the terrestrial suns it has to support (i.g suns of our sun's magnitude), where such region then has an area between a thousand to ten thousand times the surface area of each sun together with its orbiting planets (areas). The number of earth-suns orbiting a central sun however is at least a thousand times a thousand (a galaxy or galaxy of the first order, the editor).
Then, nonetheless, there are central suns around which in turn a thousand times a thousand of the just mentioned central suns with all their planetary suns orbit (super galaxy or galaxy of the second order, the editor), and again central suns around which central suns of the second type are moving (super-super galaxy or galaxy of the third order, the editor) and finally a common central heavenly body situated at the incalculable space-depth of a central-sun region, having no movement other than that around its own axis. This central body also is a sun, but of such immense magnitude that all the planetary and central suns of the first, second and third order, together with all the earths and moons orbiting the countless planetary suns, in addition to the thousands of moving comets of all sizes which, as worlds to be, move in irregular trajectories around the planetary suns, in total can't make up even a one hundred thousandth's part of the volume of the said main central sun, if same were a hollow sphere (centre of a universe, the editor). -Jarah, can you now form a concept of what has been said?"
Says Jarah: "Lord, who can grasp such immensity?! A concept of course, I can formulate, but it makes me dizzy! I have now had my fill of viewing this sun too, yet still do not comprehend how I should find the answer therein about the immature nations from Earth in the great beyond."
Say I: "Well then, withdraw first your eyes from the watched sun, and hearken to Me!"
Says Jarah: "Lord, it is done!"