Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 142 -
About real spiritual greatness.

ays Jarah: "I have indeed, with the help of this my Lord, comprehended it, yet I have once again began to get dizzy! Because I have become fully convinced that a created spirit would take an eternity to familiarize himself with just one such main central sun of which, after what you have said, there number within eternal endless space is countless for human comprehension, each one of which is the carrier or rather regent to three magnitudes of central and planetary suns within endless orbits, whose numbers no mortal spirit could grasp! If however each such immense main central sun would take an eternity for a natural spirit to explore, what time span would he need to explore all the countless others!?
Oh, it would not be clever of me to want it! I shall do well to stay at home within my love, thinking such a sun is indeed something immensely big, and powerful testimony of the Lord's endless wisdom and eternal might; and yet it is nevertheless not able like I am to see, understand and love its God and Creator above all! - And behold, this, in my opinion, is vastly more than to be such an endlessly huge sun at some immeasurable depth of endless creation space! And who is to know whether the Lord perhaps loves me as much as such huge sun!?
Behold, fairest youth, this our Earth could be regarded as hardly a discernible dust particle upon such exceedingly huge sun, yet the Lord, upon whose feeblest breath the countless main central suns depend, is treading upon its ground! I therefore think that which in endless creation space takes up a hardly measurable part, is not necessarily the greatest in the eyes of the Lord, but rather what is internally big!
What am I as a child, in physical size, compared to our small earth; and yet in my breast I feel a space that could quite easily accommodate all your main central suns with all their auxiliary suns and planets! My small eye, with one glance overlooks a thousand stars; one can ask whether all the big suns are imbued with such ability!? - Am I not right?"
Say I again: "You are completely right, and it is so; and you yourself outweighing a thousand solar regions (super and super-super galaxies, the editor) which illuminating endless creation space; nevertheless it is always good for man that he knows My works to increase his love for Me his Father!
But now it begins to dawn, and we shall start waking up our friends. But they must be woken up gradually; you must not however relate any of what was seen until given a hint by Myself, and now also by your angel; whom I intend leaving you visibly, however in a different garb, until your maturity. Let the other angels nevertheless become invisible again; be it so!"
All except the one angel whose name was Raphael, disappear, and this one was now dressed in Nazarene style.
On seeing Raphael dressed so, she says to him: "Good, this way I like you better than in your previous, heavenly glory; for this way you now fully resemble a human, and I shall be most tender towards you, - only it will be asked, - who will take over your guidance of the worlds meanwhile?"
Says the angel: "Do not trouble yourself over it, fairest daughter of God, since I can always be here and there and everywhere without you missing me, except an occasional few moments, which is neither here nor there. I shall in my event always rush back to you, for you have become more to me than all the countless suns, some of which we may still have a chance to visit together. - But now the Lord wants to awaken our brethren, and we need to be quiet!"
Says Jarah: "Yes indeed; I'm pleased to comply and already quiet as a mouse."