Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 144 -
Jarah's eulogy.

his loud singing awakens all the other sleeping ones, who immediately chime in with the disciples, and I let them do so to their hearts content, and Jarah hugged My feet, weeping with exceeding joy and happiness! After crying from joy at My feet for half an hour, and after the disciples had ended their morning greeting, the little one straightened up, saying with foreboding voice: "Oh earth, - when shall you be this fortunate again, to be trod upon by these feet? Do you dumb mother of vice feel Who is He that treads you now? No, you don't feel it and you can't feel it, for you are too dead and too small! How should you be able to grasp what is too unthinkable big and holy even for unending space, with its countless my raids of beings!? Where should I begin and where finish to sing His glory even in a dew-drop? For it is He, God the eternal, Who created the dew-drop as much as he did yonder colossal worlds of light! Oh Lord, oh my God, annihilate me, for never shall my heart be able to contain the fervent love for You.
When I had not yet known Your glory, I loved You as a most perfect man. I indeed divined the Godly pure Spirit within You, and my heart loved this holy Spirit in You inexpressibly; yet I still thought of You as a son of the most High! But now all this has assumed a different aspect! You Yourself are the Most High! Beside You there is no other! Hence forgive this tiniest worm of the dust, that dared in its hereditary blindness to love You as a human!"
Say I: "My little child, there is nothing to forgive; stay with this love! For I say unto you all: He who does not love Me like you, My most beloved Jarah have loved Me, such one's love shall not receive My regard!
He who does not love God as the most perfect Man, can love his neighbour, who is still an imperfect human, even less! If however it is written that God created man to His image, what should God be then - if man is in His image, - other than also, - albeit a most perfect, Man? Or do I look different from a man because you have, My little one, seen a couple of droplets of My glory?"
Says Jarah: "Oh no, You still look the same, nor has my heart changed! Indeed, I wish that I had You wholly in my heart, with all its pining. I would like to embrace You firmly enough for my arteries to burst, never to let You go; yes, I would cover Your visage with countless kisses and never cease kissing You! In short, I cannot express all that I would like to do out of love for You! You nevertheless are the holiest, highest divine Being, and in my heart I think myself far too unworthy to love You, as if You were a human; yet I can think back and forth as much as I like, yet my heart takes no account thereof and only loves You mightier than before!"
Say I: "That is quite right so! Let your soul always follow the impulse of your heart, kindling a bright flame therein , and it shall brighten your entire soul; God's Spirit shall rise within it like a sun, and only in its light and life-heat shall God's seed sprout and provide the soul with the fruits of life for eternity!
But God's Spirit within man cannot be awoken other than through love, and out of such love the love of neighbour.
Hence continue to tarry in your love, for this is worth more to Me and yourself than all the glories you beheld with your eyes!
But now we shall hear the others too, and what impression this night made upon them."