Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 145 -
The substance of the collective dream.

he Centurion starts to cautiously rise from the ground, saying: "Lord and Master! All thanks to You first of all for still being alive upon this height! How easily I would have dropped to the depth by just turning over three times, which would have been the eternal end of my miserable life in this world! But I still live, and that on the same spot where I took my rest yesterday; and this I have only You to thank, and hence thank you from the depth of my heart! But I would also beg You most sincerely that You would cause myself and the others to get to Genezareth well-preserved from this shocking height, - and that as soon as possible; because there can be no talk of good mood in me for as long as my thoughts are dwelling upon the descent!"
Say I: "Did you My dear friend dream nothing this night?"
Says the Centurion: "Yes, indeed, nearly forgot the most glorious dream, for all my fear! Well, if this mountain were the way I dreamt it last night, then it would of course be a joy to climb it even a thousand more times, but a dream remains a dream!"
Says Ebahl, standing next to him: "Not at all, friend I say unto you that this time our collective dream has assumed fullest reality. Get up and walk around the peak edges, and you shall be convinced that our mountain slopes off gently even towards the sea, being without the least danger for climbing, down as well as upwards! I have already convinced myself and am telling the fullest truth. Come and be convinced yourself!"
Says the Chief: "It's not going to be a delusion?"
Answers Ebahl: "If I and my wives and children already walked upon this delusion in every direction, then your delusion is surely going to have some firm ground!? Come, get off the ground and be convinced of it all.
The Centurion finally gets up, looks around and as a start finds even the shelf greatly enlarged, saying: "Indeed, I really do see how during the night vast alterations have most miraculously taken place; but go ahead of me over the new ground, so I can be sure it really is solid!"
Says Ebahl: "Friend, notwithstanding your normally high esteem, your constant addiction to doubt starts to make you repulsive! Does my word mean nothing to you anymore? When did I ever speak an untrue word to you, that you should place no store by my word? Come, test it yourself and cease doubting henceforth!"
Says the Centurion: "Indeed, friend, you are right! I shall go and convince myself."
Here the Centurion takes steady steps towards the Nazareth edge, saying, highly intrigued on seeing the gentle descent: "Well, here the entire mountain has been shifted as well! Looking over this edge toward Genezareth yesterday, it seemed close enough for a stone's throw, whilst now hundred 'Feldwege' (approx 1 furlong?) distant, and we shall have to be underway six hours to reach our dear little town!
Nay, whoever still doubts that our Jesus is God and Man at the same time, cannot be helped even by a god! Yes, brother Ebahl, you were quite right to call me a repulsive doubter, for I really was such! But now all doubting is at an end, and I believe and swear with an oath before you all, that our Master and Saviour Jesus is fully God, and that beside Him there can be no second or third one; owing to what was dreamt being reality, everything, else also is bound to be true! And here He is the only God and Lord over all of infinity!
But now let us go over to Jarah, - she must show us her two souvenirs! Because when a celestial spirit lifted the water out to the last drop, I saw her pick up a splendid pearl-mussel from the sea-bed, which she then put into her apron, and I also saw the shining stone which she took with her from a solar world to which the celestial spirit took her. If these two said objects also are physically present like the removed mountains, then we have more proof than we need!"