Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

First journey of the Lord: Kis - landing place at Sibarah - Nazareth

- Chapter 16 -
The Lord visits the Synagogue.

airus wakes Sarah, who had already began to stir, handing her the branch, and she is overjoyed therewith, biting straight away into the honey-sweet fruits and consuming them all. After she had eaten them all, I awaken on My bench.
Sarah is the first to give Me a heart-felt morning greeting, and I ask her how the figs tasted. And she said with great joy: "Lord, they were heavenly and sweet as honey! Philopold, Your friend, gave them to me in Your name, and I ate them all, for they were exceedingly good! You probably got them for me?"
Say I: "My most beloved Sarah. Indeed for you; because you were the reason last night for My showing friend Philopold how I awaken the dead, by revitalising a completely rotten fig branch, so it might bear sweet fruit one more time for you, My beloved Sarah. Hence you did well to consume it, for it shall multiply your lasting health! But now let us at once move into the open, until the rooms are tidied and cleaned and then we shall partake of a morning-meal and then turn to today's business."
Following these words all move into the open, enjoying the bright and crystal-clear morning, and all were uplifted by the most beautiful morning.
But Jairus came over to Me, saying: "Lord! There shall never be an end to my thanks! Rather than ever allowing myself to be ever led astray against You again I shall become a most zealous follower of Your holy doctrine, and Philopold shall remain my friend for life, for it is only he I can be thankful for the true light about You. Notwithstanding him being a Greek, he nevertheless is more knowledgeable in our Scriptures than all the Scribes of Judea, Galilee, Samaria and Palestine! In short, I am now fully in the clear about You, and it is factually as I have often thought secretly. But I must be off to Capernaum, where certain concerns await me. But my wife and daughter Sarah I leave in Your care for a time convenient to You; for not even in heaven could they be better looked after. But if I can get away in the evening, then I shall here with Faustus and Conrnelius and perhaps also the old Cyrenius, who is supposed to come to Capernaum today. And so I take my leave of Your love, patience and grace." Thereupon he takes his leave of his wife and sweet Sarah, then lets his fast mules be brought, mounting the strongest and trotting off at fast pace.
I however now call everyone to breakfast, and we move into cleaned and tidied rooms where a good meal prepared by Borus awaits us.
After the meal, Borus beckons Me aside, saying: "My most intimately beloved friend! I know that You have perceived well in advance what I want to share privately; but there are some among Your disciples who I don't thing need to know what we are discussing, the only reason I asked You over."
Say I: "That would not be necessary, because what you want to tell Me, I have already told My disciples at length in Kis, voicing My praise. They know everything, and hence we need not keep it secret."
Says Borus: "Ah, in that case is shall speak openly!"
Hence we go back, to the company, and I say to Borus: "My most beloved friend! What you want to tell Me I already know, and all the disciples know it as well, and hence we can regard the matter as finalised. But as a Greek who simply believes in Judaism without coming under Jewish law; it is easier for you to talk to the Pharisees; if however you were an orthodox Jew through circumcision and the Law, then you would have had to severely bridle your tongue. But it was right that you spoke as you did, and so let us now write the matter into the sand. But now take Me to the Nazarene school. I shall instruct the people, that they may recognise what time this is!" (Matt. 13:54)
Mother Mary asks whether I shall be coming home for lunch.
Say I: "Don't trouble yourself about whether I come; it is enough that I carry all burden! I shall come in the evening."
Sarah asks whether it is permitted that she come with Me to the school.
Say I: "Indeed, notwithstanding that a woman is not according with the Law allowed to enter the school in male company. But all is now going to change; because like man, woman has equal right to My love and grace, which proceeds from God the Father through Me. And so come along now cheerfully and confidently, learning together with the others at the school what time it now is, hence let us go! You Sarah stay by My side, and you shall serve Me as a mighty witness! Hence keep that burial clothing on your body, for the dress too shall serve Me as testimony. But now let's go!"
Upon these My words we immediately went to the school.