Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Second Journey of the Lord: Nazareth - Cave at Bethabara (First Feeding of the People) - Mountain of Prayer - Walking on the Sea of Galilee (Peter's test of faith) - By ship to Genneseret in the bay with the same name

- Chapter 166 -
About love, gentleness and patience.

ays Jarah in 'n low voice a little affected: "Now then, if so, it must be right of course; if you had told me earlier, I would not have argued with you! If with the well known untouchability of the freedom of the human will by all kinds of gentle means nothing can be accomplished, then of course nothing else can be done, then to apply a more drastic means. Now, now, in time we will understand each other, you only don't have to become so rough! If speaking softly, I like you very much, but if you almost get over excited and rough with your words, then it is not good to listen to even the purest truth out of your mouth.
Thus I think that in future all the even so perfect spirits of heaven should endeavour to speak like the Lord and Creator of all spirits, suns, worlds and people! The Lord's voice even in very serious matters sounds always so soft like the wool of a lamb, and His words flow like milk and honey. Therefore every teacher and leader should act like Him; because in a gentle voice, according to my opinion, lies always the biggest power! Whoever shouts and speaks loudly, often offends where he wanted to heal. Look at the always friendly face of the Lord towards friend and foe; and who can be surprised if the sick are getting well if He only looks at them?! Hence, my dearest Raphael, you also must be like that in speech and deed towards me and towards everybody, then every of your steps on this earth will drip from blessings!"
Thereupon I pull Jarah to My chest and say to all who are present here: "Until now this is My most perfect disciple to whom I truly can send My angels to school; for she has understood Me the deepest and most vividly. Therefore she possesses My love to the fullest degree.
Truly, if you go out and teach the nations in My name, then think about the words which this most beloved and tender little girl has now spoken to My angel and your steps will be accompanied by all blessings! Be patient and in everything full of gentleness and you will strew the fullest blessing into the hearts of people! - However, My angel Raphael had to speak like this, so that he enticed this my most dearest Jarah to the given teaching; by the way is he also gentle like soft cooling evening breeze and as soft as the most tender wool of a lamb."
All remembered these words well and completely agreed with them. Only the captain remarked and said: "This is all divine, pure and true; but if speak too gentle with my soldiers, I surely would make a bad figure and the soldiers would hardly listen to me! However, if I really start to flash and thunder everything goes well and right!"
Say I: "It is here not so much referred to an outer but rather more to an truly inner gentleness. Where it is absolutely necessary to make wise use of the heavenly naughtiness, one should do so; since the actual rule of all wisdom is: 'Be clever like snakes but at the same time still gentle like doves!'"
Says the Captain with an exceedingly happy face: "Lord, now I have everything; thus through all heavens the actions of a just are justified! However, at the same time one should also understand to make calculations, so that one does not miscalculate oneself with the supposed cleverness, and therefore I'm of the opinion of Euclid that one should add to a certain measure of cleverness the same measure of love, patience and gentleness, and one will achieve an errorless result!"
Say I: "Yes, yes, as such the calculation is put most correctly and a most blessed result is a complete certainty, and all justice and judgement will find therein its full justification! This is a foundation on which a building can be build. Hence, always lay such foundation before you want to build and your efforts will not be in vain!
You are out of God and therefore should also equal in everything; but God allows Himself time to create. First there is the seed, from it the germ. From the germ grows the tree; it first drives buds, then leaves, then blossoms and finally the good tasting fruit, in which again the primordial seed is placed and matures in the fruit for further reproduction.
How it takes place with a plant on a small scale, it also takes place with a whole world. The sun does not rises unannounced above the horizon, and a storm is always preceded by warning messengers which are always recognizable.
If God Himself most strictly and with the biggest patience and perseverance observes in all things such order of subsequent becoming to be, also you as My true disciples should follow Me in everything what I have shown you and wherefore I have paved for you the way, so that you should not get lost when making your own way! - Do you all understand this well?"
Says the Centurion: "Lord, I for my part have understood it all, and don't think there is anyone amongst us who did not understand these supra lucent truths from the heavens. To you alone all thanks and honour!"
Say I: "You are convinced that all those present have understood My words? They have indeed understood them, as well as that other one - with his brain but not his heart."
These words discomfited all those present, and the disciples asked who I had meant.
But I said: "Its not yet time to proclaim such from the rooftops; but when such time comes you shall well remember these My words. If however some among you harbour suspicions then hold them fast in your heart, for no tree should be felled before its time!"
After these My words the disciples discerned indeed that I had meant Judas Iscariot, but they kept silent and gave nothing away.
Matthew and John however asked Me whether to record such glorious doctrine for posterity.
Say I: "You might want for the present to merely summarise the doctrine on love, gentleness and patience on a separate sheet, - but not with that recorded already in the main book; for I shall still speak on the matter serval times and indicate when you are to record it. - But now we shall rest and practice some introspection again, such being a veritable celebration of the Sabbath in God!"
All in the house fell silent, following these My words, and we sat so for some three hours.
Following which I said: "The Sabbath is now accomplished, and we can also afford our limbs some necessary rest!" -Whereupon all took to the resting of the flesh, and it was late morning before we left our quarters.