Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 186 -
Cyrenius' present for Marcus.

he meal having been nearly consumed, Cyrenius calls over Marcus and his wife, thanking the former for the good meal and his continuing hospitality, praising the woman for her culinary skills; for he had never eaten such superbly prepared dishes, especially the fish, which were the most palatable of all.
Following this complementing however, Cyrenius tells Marcus: "You, my old companion in arms however, go over to that white mule! On its back it carries something for you and your family. You had gone without for long enough, having to fight all kinds of want and hardship; this unenviable state shall now be rectified once and for all! - In the two bags you shall find sufficient gold and silver to easily build yourself a new house and purchase a field and meadow to go with it, so that you and your family shall quite easily be able to live by farming! Whatever excess the bags contain keep for a rainy day. Because to live on this Earth by the Lord's will, we must not totally lack the means to subsist.
So long as we are no gods, we have to earn our bread by the sweat of our brow - one way or another; each however has enough to do for not idling his hands. But whoever has like yourself already worked assiduously can than take it a little easy in his old age. Hence go and take possession of the small gift, and may the Lord bless it for you!"
Marcus tearfully thanks Cyrenius - but as it were mainly Myself, saying to himself: although coming from Cyrenius, I am more than fully certain that I am the foundation of everything; hence, above all, he thanked Me for everything!
But I said: "Accept indeed whatever you are given, using it, but don't bestow regard on it! For no matter how measured every earthly gift, just so is man's earthly life measureless! To-day you are master of your treasures still, yet tomorrow your soul is demand from you! What can you then give to save your soul from everlasting death?
Hence let everyone first seek the kingdom of God, and everything else shall be added unto him according to need!
That which you receive however, do not use to hoard it, but use it for the clever and wise advantage of self and others. Of the truly poor you shall find a plenty; their need should revive your heart; for to you the means are now given to alleviate such needs, spiritually and physically, and to make cheerful the sad heart of a poor brother!
Behold, every cheerful heart that you have quickened in My name shall once become a new heaven to you full of measureless and numberless bliss, and shall upon this Earth already prepare a slaking for you that not other terrestrial fortune can give you, and bear you the true peace, - a peace the world does not know! Hence go and take possession of it all"
And the old man went with his two sons, taking custody of the two loaded bags, and storing them for safekeeping. On re-appearing he again expressed thanks for everything, asking Me what may have to be undertaken for the afternoon.
Say I: "Make ready your boats, and we shall go for some seafaring, the day being a fine and windless one! You can also cast the big net into the Sea again to-day and make a second blessed catch!"
Whereupon Marcus orders his sons and his four eldest daughters to make sure the vessels as well as the big net are in order and to also check whether the big, fenced-in fish-tanks are in good shape, and to stop repair any holes with bushes and stones.
Say the sons: "Father, this we did four days ago, and hence it should still be in best order, as no storm has raged since; but we shall nonetheless check it out, so as to be fully certain." - The sons then left, checking it out and soon returning with the good report that all was in best and usable condition.
Says I: "So let us go out and board the small boats, of which each can carry twelve persons without hazard!" - Whereupon all rose and followed Me.