Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 200 -
Josoe and Jarah in conversation.

n joining her, Josoe reaches out to her, saying: "Don't be cross with me, dearest Jarah! For behold, I could hot have known that you, as a child of hardly fifteen years posses greater wisdom than all the wise who had lived on the Earth before us; but at the same time I ask you to reveal a lot of your wisdom to me."
Says Jarah: "And you of yours; for you too know much that may still be strange to me!"
Says Josoe: "Of that the chances are slim, because my wisdom-vessel firstly seems very small and secondly riddled with holes like a sieve! In short, not much is likely to exit me, primarily because the contents are limited; wherefore let you commence! I am besides too embarrassed just now to seize something worthy of discussion. In the highest divine wisdom's presence it is difficult for man to speak, -but that much easier to listen and keep silent. But you fairest Jarah possess a good bridge to divine wisdom; from this you can fetch whenever and whatever you will! Hence let you start, and as said, I shall listen!"
Says Jarah: "But behold, esteemed Josoe, this would hardly be appropriate! For a maiden must not be forward! You can indeed ask and I shall answer, and when I ask, you too can answer!"
Says Josoe: "It would be easy to ask, if one only knew what! In ignorant childhood the heart was full of all kinds of questions of course, but after one has the answer within oneself already sevenfold, a new question is much harder than giving all sorts of answer. Hence I would rather you asked me anything, for you are much initiated and can ask much."
Says Jarah: "Well then, in my Lord's name, as you insist, I will put a question to you, and so tell me why God the Lord, as the highest love and wisdom allows, and that in this our time, with reference to the so-called servants of God and privileged dispensers of the word God, to carry on as the most unscrupulous, wicked, arrogant and domineering people, devoid of all conscience, and that in the most shameless and usually clandestine fashion, - unpunished! Why do they not fear God, Whose might and glory they proclaim before all men with the most dazzling ceremonial pomp and deafening tone? Behold, this is a question of grave import for our time!"
Says Josoe: "Yes, this question is indeed of grave import, but no answer is to be found on my ground, and you shall therefore have to answer this yourself!
Says Cyrenius: "But my dearest son Josoe, surely you shall find something to say? Verily, your constant excuses are beginning to bore me! I know it well and have now seen how dearest Jarah far excels you in wisdom; yet you are not to knowledge quite so empty that you should find no answer at all within yourself to such question. Say something therefore! If your err-well, then there are an adequate number of wise men at the table who can guide you unto the right path!"
Says Josoe: "Dear esteemed father and commander! It is easy to command; but there is endless bitterness within obedience, - especially when as for myself now, to be obedient is not possible!
Think of the greatest goodness, love, and unlimited wisdom of God on the one hand and on the other, all the abominable deeds certain to be committed unpunished by the so-called servants of God upon mankind, at all hours of day and night! Hold these contrasting conditions up to your soul face, and you are certain to clearly perceive, as do I, that an adequate answer to such question is somewhat harder to formulate than adding up three and three! Let someone else try it and they shall realize that the question put by Jarah is no simple issue!"
Says Cyrenius: "Now now, I can see that one has to command a high degree of wisdom to answer Jarah's question, even partially; but it would certainly please me to receive some adequate light on the matter. For I have given this point much of my thought, yet never found an even half adequate reason for it. I think that if none other than our most beloved Lord and Master, and our fairest Jarah, proves able to answer the question, then we shall all turn to You, oh Lord and Master. You are certain to uncover the right reason for us, as You also promised to do, if my memory does not deceive me."
Say I: "Quite so, should Jarah no be able to find her way; but I think that if she is diligent, she shall hit the nail on the head with the first blow! Try it, dearest Jarah, and prove that I did not start up a little garden for you at Nazareth for nothing!"