Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus in the Vicinity of Caesara Philippi (Matthew 16)

- Chapter 202 -
Applying Jarah's correlations.

eanwhile the maiden turns to Josoe, asking most amicable: "And no real light is falling into your heart yet either, my most beloved and esteemed neighbour?"
Says Josoe: "Fairest and most amazingly wise Jarah! It seems indeed as if looking through a cloth held before the eyes; but not much can be said about clarity for a long while yet. May it therefore please you to continue your answer to its conclusion!"
And Jarah continues her exposition, saying: "If you have given thought to my natural presentation of my first spiritual harvest from my little garden then what follows might be quite vivid to you. Hence take note and hear and see!
Spiritually, the people of this Earth are like my garden soil, and the Word of God, which initially came through our forefathers from the heavens, starting with Adam and later the patriarchs and prophets, awaken by God Himself, is like the precious and good seeds which I laid into the soil of my little garden. But just as no seed laid into the Earth at once becomes the new, many fold, ripe fruit, just so is it also with the Word of God.
When the word of God, through hearing, enters man's heart, it must, as commanded by God's word, be enlivened through deeds, - which are akin to the enlivening nutrient powers of the soil -, towards our brothers and sisters, and thereby brought to proper germination for the purpose of the true and full strength fruit of spiritual life in God, therewith becoming a fully blessed and fully ripened fruit! If however people, foremost those who take up God's word first like prophets and priest, instead to let it ripen in themselves and sow it in its fullest genuineness into the large field of all people of this earth for all times of times, consume it themselves like the earth which consumes the noble seed for itself to fatten itself and to use it as a means for their own fattening alone, it then of course no wonder when finally upon the field of the apparent false prophets and priests, for the large field of laymen mankind only weeds, thorns and thistles germinate and reach evil ripeness!
Notwithstanding the fact that it happens so, it is not against God's order and wisdom, for behold, when the choice fruit ripens, the straw and all fruit is gathered into the barns, the weeds being left in the field, spontaneously manuring the soil which is then fortified for subsequent sowing, to avidly take up a fresh seeding and enliven it.
So it is also with us humans. Has we from all times past been satisfied with the most pure truth as it comes froth from the mouth of God, verily, we should have very little craving after more new truth!
God the Lord foresees this however and allows a dulled mankind to be served up pigs' fare for a while, and its soil to be much fortified through weeds; only then does mankind, languishing and pining after light in the night enjoy the pure, and precious fruit of the pure Word of God, as is now the most obvious and blessed case among us.